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Catalogued up to CD701   (436 unaccounted for)  







Short ride in a fast machine BBC NOW Sondergard                                                                                                      CD657

The Dharma at Big Sur                                                                                                                                                   CD701



Warsaw Concerto, Philip Fowke, BBC Concert Orchestra, Rumon Gamba                                                                 CD347



Miserere,  Choir of Clare College Cambridge                                                                                                                 CD405



Iberia (Arr. for three guitars by Chrostophe Dejour) Troi Campanella                                                                         CD355



Concerto in D for violin and strings, 1 Musici                                                                                                               CD104

Oboe Concerto  D minor Op. 9 No. 2 (Transcribed Balsom) BBCSSO Bronnimann                                                    CD582

Concerto in F for two oboes, Op. 9  No. 3                                                                                                                    CD611

Adagio in G (arranged Giazotto), BBC Concert Orchestra, Nicholas Kok                                                                    CD236



Symphony No. 2, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, V. Sinaiski                                                                                        CD311

Suite No. 2 Op. 23 (Silhouettes): USSR State Symphony Orchestra,  Yevgeny Svetlanov                                          CD274

Varns. on a theme of Tchaikovsky Op 35a, BBC Phil. Alexander Anissimov                                                              CD459



Organ Concerto No. 5 in G minor, Clive Driscoll-Smith, Festival Baroque Orchestra, Roy Goodman                        CD253



Symphony No. 1, Op 22, bbc Concert Orchestra, Keith Lockhart                                                                               CD625

Overture, Tam o’ Shanter




2nd Suite: Concerts de Synphonie for violins, flutes & oboes, Collegium Musicum 90                                                 CD392                                                                                                                     CD149




Bach C. P. E.

Flute Concertos D minor H426, A H438, G H445, Jeniffer Stinton, Orchestra of St. John’s Smith Square, Lubbock        CD323

Oboe Concertos Bb and Eb, Oboe sonata in A minor,  J. Kiss, Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra                                CD166

Violin, Keyboard and Trio Sonatas                                                                                                                                CD653


Bach J. S.

Brandenburg Concertos 1 -  6,  Slovak Chamber Orchestra,  Bohdan Warchal                                                              CD209

Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor, BWV1041 Alina Ibragimova BBC SSO, Nicholas Kraemer                                   CD498

Violin Concerto No. 2 in E major, BWV1042 Alina Ibragimova BBC SSO, Nicholas Kraemer                                    CD498

Concerto in D minor for 2 violins;  Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zukerman, English Chamber Orchestra, Barenboim       CD241

Concerto in A minor for 4 harpsichords (after Vivaldi’s Concerto grosso in Bminor, RV580):

        Anton & Emma Heiller, Kurt Rapf, Christa Landon; I Soloisti di Zagreb, Antonio Janigro                                  CD275

Orchestral Suites 1 -  4,  Slovak Chamber Orchestra,  Bohdan Warchal                                                                        CD209

Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major BWV1068 BBC SSO, Nicholas Kraemer                                                                 CD498

Violin Sonatas in A, C, G, and G, Andrew Manze                                                                                                        CD2

Violin sonata in A minor BWV 1003;  Jascha Heifetz                                                                                                   CD241

Partita No. 1 in B minor BWV 1002, Bastiashvili                                                                                                          CD97

Partita No. 2 in D minor BWV1004, Jascha Heifetz                                                                                                      CD343

Partita No. 3 in E BWV1006Menuhin                                                                                                                           632

Partita No. 4 in D, BWV828, Esfahani (Harpsichord)                                                                                                   CD570

Toccata & Fugue in A minor BWV565, Andrew Manze                                                                                               CD2

Chaconne (Partita No. 2 in D minor) Grumiaux                                                                                                             CD87

Chaconne (Partita No. 2 in D minor) Alina Ibragimova

Toccata and Fugue D minor, Toccata Adagio and Fugue in C, Pieces from the Little Organ Book

        Otto Winter, Silbermann Organ                                                                                                                              CD110

Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C, BWV564, Franz Lehrendorfer                                                                                   CD234

Goldberg Variations, Four Duets; Jaccottet (Harpsichord)                                                                                            CD110

Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor BWV582, Marie-Claire Alain                                                                                   CD127

Cello Suite No. 1 in G,  Paul Watkins  BWV1007                                                                                                         CD238

Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor,  Pierre Fournier                                                                                                               CD146

Cello Suites Nos. 1 - 6,  Robert Cohen                                                                                                                           CD351

Cello Suites Nos 2, 3, 6  Rostropovich                                                                                                                          CD658                  

English Suites 1 6, Christiane Jaccottet                                                                                                                       CD319

French Suite No. 3 in B minor BWV814, Keith Jarret, harpsichord                                                                              CD185

Italian Concerto in F  BWV971,  Wanda Landowska                                                                                                     CD203

Fugue (Musical Offering) BWV1079 (Orch. Webern) Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Abbado                                  CD303

Chaconne (Partita in D minor, BWV1004) (Arr. Brahms for piano left hand)  Michel Beroff                                      CD287

Concerto in G (arr. Bach), Anton Heiller                                                                                                                       CD304

Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor BWV582 (arr. Respighi) BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin                CD310

Prelude and Fugue in G minor, BWV861, Davitt Moroney, harpsichord                                                                      CD314

Prelude and Fugue in Ab BWV862, Ralph Kirkpatrick, harpsichord                                                                            CD314

Prelude and Fugue in A, BWV888, Bob van Asperen, harpsichord                                                                               CD314

Prelude and Fugue in C BWV547, Goode, Eton College Organ                                                                                     CD443

Prelude and Fugue in E “St. Anne”, BWV552, (orch. Schoenberg) CBC Symphony Orchestra, Robert Craft             CD470                  

Cantata No. 6 BWV248 (Christmas Oratorio) Gundola Janowitz (sop) Fritz Wunderlich (ten), Franz Krass (bass)

        Munich Bach Choir and Orchestra, Karl Richter                                                                                                   CD326

Thirteen transcriptions for orchestra, Pasacaglia and Fugue in C minor (Respighi) etc.                                                CD354

Chorals etc, and pieces by Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Bruhns, Hanff, Bohm;

        Jean-Louis Durand, Kern organ, Eglise de Saint-Maclou, Rouen                                                                           CD54

Mass in B minor,  The Sixteen Choir and Orchestra, Harry Christophers                                                                    CD352

Advent, Christmas and New Year Chorale Preludes                                                                                                      CD443

Schmucke dich, O liebe Seele BWV654 (orch. Schoenberg) Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Robert Craft                 CD470

Komm, Gott, Schoepfer, Heilger Geist (orch. Schoenberg) Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Robert Craft                 CD470

Various Works, David Goode, organ of Freiburg Cathedral, Silbermann, 1714                                                             CD601

Suite No. 1in C, Bv 1066; No. 3 in D, BWV1068, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Jeanne Lamon                              CD621

Prelude fugue and allegroinEb, BWV998 Trans Sean Shibe                                                                                            CD688

The Art of Fugue BWV 1080                                                                                                                                         CD698



Symphony No. 1 in C:  USSR State Symphony Orchestra,  Yevgeny Svetlanov                                                         CD274

Islamey (Orchestrated Liapunov): USSR State Symphony Orchestra,  Yevgeny Svetlanov                                         CD260

Tamara,  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,  Beecham                                                                                                       CD305

Tamara,  BBC Phil. Takuo Yuasa                                                                                                                                   CD459

Tamara, BBC NOW, Thiery Fischer                                                                                                                              CD599



Adagio for Strings,   BBC Philharmonic,  Barry Wordsworth                                                                                       CD226

Summer Music,  Galliard Ensemble                                                                                                                                CD359



Concerto for orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Osmo Vanska                                                                CD256

Concerto for orchestra, BBC NOW, Tadaaki Otaka                                                                                                      CD503

Concerto for orchestra, World Orchestra for Peace, Solti                                                                                              CD619

The Miraculous Mandarin Suite, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, David Atherton                                                 CD252

Dance Suite, Dresden Staatskapelle, Kurt Masur                                                                                                          CD377

Divertimento for string orchestra,  BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Christian Gansch                                            CD254

Transylvanian Dances, BBCSO; Ilan Volkov                                                                                                                 CD378

Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste                                                                                                                     CD392

Violin Concerto No.2, Sz 112, Menuhin,  BBCSO, Herbig                                                                                           CD686



Symphony No. 3 (last mvt.), Halle, John Barbirolli                                                                                                      CD500

The Garden of Fand,  Halle,  Barbirolli                                                                                                                          CD146

Concertante,  Callow cor anglais, Bradbury clarinet, Goodall horn, BBC Philharmonic, Martyn Brabbins                  CD227

Tintagel, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Rumon Gamba                                                                                     CD287

Tintagel, BBC NOW, Vernon Handley                                                                                                                          CD665



Symphony No. 1 in C,  Op. 21, French National Orchestra, Masur                                                                             CD220

Symphony No. 1 in C,  Op. 21, Toscanini, NBCSO                                                                                                     CD401

Symphony No. 2 in D Op. 36, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Eugen Jochum                                                            CD305

Symphony No. 2 in D Op. 36, BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                                       CD348

Symphony No. 3 in Eb, Orchestra of the 18th Century, Frans Bruggen                                                                        CD197


Symphony No. 3 in Eb, BBC SSO, Runnicles                                                                                                               CD696

Symphony No. 4 in Bb, Op 60, BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                                     CD348

Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67, Toscanini, NBCSO                                                                                            CD401

Symphony No. 5 in C minor, 1st mvt. BBC NOW, Sondergard                                                                                   CD652

Symphony No. 6 in F, B.B.C. Scottish S.O., Vaanska                                                                                                  CD17

Symphony No. 7 in A, BBC Philharmonic,  Barry Wordsworth                                                                                  CD226

Symphony No. 8 in F, B.B.C. Scottish S.O., Vaanska                                                                                                  CD17

Symphony No. 9 Op. 125,  Chor. & Orch di Padova del Veneto                                                                                  CD137

Symphony No. 9 Op. 125, BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales, Roth                                                        CD521

Symphony No. 10 (1st mvt), Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Douglas Bostock                                            CD504

Piano Concerto No. 1 in C, Jonathan Biss, BBC Philharmonic, Yan Pascal Tortelier                                                   CD353

Piano Concerto No. 1 in C, Paul Lewis, BBCSO, Jiri Belohlavek                                                                                 CD624

Piano Concerto No. 2 in Bb Op.19; S. Sugitani, Berliner Symphoniker, G. Oskamp                                                    CD176

Piano Concerto No. 2 in Bb Op.19; John Lill, BBCNSOW, Weller                                                                              CD671

Piano Concerto No. 3, Wass, BBC Philharmonic, Sinaiski                                                                                            CD184

Piano Concerto No. 4 in G,  Op. 58 Brendel                                                                                                                  CD146

Piano Concerto No. 4 in G,  Jorge Federico Osorio, Royal Philharmonic Orch. Enrique Batiz                                     CD413

Piano Concerto No. 5 in Eb,  Op. 73Jorge Federico Osorio, Royal Philharmonic Orch. Enrique Batiz                        CD413

Piano Concerto in D Op. 61 (transcription of Violin Concerto);  S. Sugitani, Berliner Symphoniker, G. Oskamp      CD176

Violin Concerto in D, Op. 61  Anthony Marwood, BBCNOW, C. Gansch                                                                 CD346

Violin Concerto in D, Op. 61  BBC Scottish S.O.Yehudi Menuhin, Ian Whyte

Cello Concerto No. 1 in E minor Op. 38, Steven Isserlis, Stephen Hough                                                                    CD 607

Choral Fantasy in C minor, Helen Grimaud, Swedish Radio Chorus & Orchestra, Esa-Pekka Salonen                        CD314

Overture Egmont, Vienna P.O., Jansens                                                                                                                         CD195

Overture Egmont, BBCScotishSO, Runnicles                                                                                                                CD671

Overture Leonora No. 3, Dresden Staatskapelle, Karl Bohm                                                                                         CD195

Overture Leonora No. 3, BBCScotishSO, Runnicles                                                                                                     CD671

Overture The Ruins of Athens, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Nikolaus Harnoncourt                                               CD304

Overture Corolian, BBCScotishSO, Runnicles                                                                                                               CD671

Overture The Creatures of Prometheus, BBCScotishSO, Runnicles                                                                             CD671

Overture , BBCScotishSO, Runnicles                                                                                                                            CD671

Quartet in B Flat Op. 18/6, Jerusalem Quartet                                                                                                              CD47

String Quartet in G Op. 18/2;  on C#minor Op. 131, Artemis Quartet                                                                         CD373

String Quartet Op. 18 No. 3, Apollon Musagete Quartet                                                                                              CD695

String Quartet Op. 18 No. 4, Op. 135, Op. 96, Pavel Haas Quartet                                                                             CD531

Grosse Fugue,  Emerson Quartet                                                                                                                                    CD310

Piano Sonata in Bb Op. 22 No. 11,  Sviatoslav Richter                                                                                                 CD667

Piano Sonata in Eb Op. 27 No. 1 Quasi una fantasia, Llyr Williams                                                                             CD422

Piano Sonata in Eb Op. 31 No. 3 The Hunt, Zhang Zuo                                                                                               CD663

Piano Sonata in C#minor Op. 27 No. 2 "Moonlight", Louis Schwitzgebel                                                                    CD656

Piano Sonata in F minor,Op. 57 "Appassionata", Claudio Arrau                                                                                  CD617

Piano Sonata in Eb Op.81a Les Adieux, Paul Lewis                                                                                                      CD1

Piano Sonata in Eb Op.81a Les Adieux, Claudio Arrau                                                                                                 CD617

Piano Sonata in E Op. 109, Myra Hess                                                                                                                         CD372

Cello Sonata in A Op.69,  Ralph Kirschbaum, Roger Vignoles                                                                                      CD162

Three Equali for four trombones                                                                                                                                    CD245

Overture, The Ruins of Athens; Chamber Orchestra of Europe,  Nikolaus Harnoncourt                                             CD304

Violin sonatas, “Spring”, “Kreutzer”; Erich Gruenberg, David Wilde.                                                                          CD369

An die ferne Geliebte, John Vickers, Richard Voitach                                                                                                    CD429

Five late overtures, etc, Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Douglas Bostock                                                    CD504



Messa a 4 A minor, Credo a 4, Te Deum, Coro e Orchestra dell’ Academia Stefano Templa, Michele Frezza            CD497



Violin Concerto,  Kavakos,  BBCSO Davis                                                                                                                   CD134



(arr. of Schubert) Rendering, Houston S.O., Christof Eschenbach                                                                                 CD430



Symphonie Fantastique, Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky                                              CD315

Symphonie Funebre & Triomphale, CP de Paris, Musique des G de la P, Dondeyne                                                  CD76

Symphonie Funebre & Triomphale, BBC NOW                                                                                                           CD572

Grande Messe des Morts, Grand Orchestre de Paris, (September 1943)                                                                      CD402

Grande Messe des Morts,  Robert Carlin, Aurelian S.O., David Temple, Hertfordshire Chorus                                 CD606

Messe Solenelle, Monteverdi Choir, Orch. Revolutionair et Romantique, J. E. Gardiner                                             CD452

Te Deum, BBCSO                                                                                                                                                          CD572

Harold in Italy, Op. 16, L. Power, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Ilan Volkov                                                  CD312

Harold in Italy,  Op. 16, Rivka Golani, San Diego S.O., Yoav Talmi                                                                            CD634

La Mort de Cleopatre, Denize, NOP de RF, Amy                                                                                                        CD76

La Mort de Cleopatre, Solisti, Orchestre Nationale de Lille, Jean-Claude Casadesus                                                   CD636

La Mort de de Sardanapale, Orchestre Nationale de Lille, Jean-Claude Casadesus                                                       CD636

La Mort d' Orphee, Orchestre Nationale de Lille, Jean-Claude Casadesus                                                                    CD636

Herminie, Orchestre Nationale de Lille, Jean-Claude Casadesus                                                                                    CD636

Les Troyens (Orch. Excerpts), NOP de RF, Amy                                                                                                         CD76

Nuits d'Ete, Karneus, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                                                                                    CD35

Nuits d'Ete,  Francoise Masset, Ensemble Carpe Diem                                                                                                 CD682

Overtures Benvenuto Cellini, Le Carnaval romain, Les Francs-Juges, Le Corsaire,

        OP de Strasbourg, Lombard                                                                                                                                    CD76

Overtures Benvenuto Cellini, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Lawrence Foster                                                           CD315

Overture Les Francs-Juges Op. 3, San Diego S.O., Yoav Talmi                                                                                    CD634

Opera Benvenuto Cellini, Soloists, London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis                                                     CD 551/552          

Overture Le Corsaire, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                                                                                    CD35

Overture Carnaval Romain, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                                                                           CD35

Overture King Lear, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                                                                                      CD35

Hungarian March from Damnation of Faust, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                                                CD35

Reverie and Caprice Op. 8, Igor Grupman, San Diego S.O., Yoav Talmi                                                                      CD634

Huit Scenes de Faust, Kirschlager, Fouchecourt, Caton, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Yutaka Sado    CD635


Bernstein  Chichester Psalms,  BBC SSO and Choirs                                                                                                  CD573



Sonata a 3 per 2 violini e trombone                                                                                                                                CD345



Sinfonie Serieuse in G minor, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Tor Mann                                                               CD257

Sinfonie Capricieuse in D,  Malmo Symphony Orchestra, Sixten Ehrling                                                                     CD256

Sinfonie Singulière in C,  Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Jarvi                                                                    CD257

Symphony No. 4 in Eb,                                                                                                                                                  CD127



Mystery Sonatas, complete, Holloway (violin) Moroney (chamber organ) TRAGICOMEDIA                                 CD563

Mystery Sonatas Nos. 1 – 15, Passaglia, Walter Reiter, Ensemble Cordaria                                                                 CD505

Mystery Sonatas Nos. 1 – 15, Passaglia, John Holloway, David Moroney, Tragicomedia                                          CD563

Mystery Sonata No. 1 in D minor (The Annunciation), Susanne Lauterbach (violin)

        Johannes Koch (viola da Gamba) Rudolf Ewerhart (organ)                                                                                   CD327

Mystery Sonata No. 16 in in G minor (The Guardian Angel), Max Rostal (violin)                                                      CD327

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Rosary Sonatas), Halloway (violin), Moroney (organ), Stubbs (lute),

  Lawrence King (harp), Headly (viola da Gamba)                                                                                                         CD197

Passacaglia, Holloway (violin) Moroney (chamber organ) TRAGICOMEDIA                                                            CD563

Sonata in A,                                                                                                                                                                    CD345

Sonata in E, Ricordo                                                                                                                                                       CD328

Sonata a 6 (1668), Michael Laird (trumpet), New London Consort, director Philip Pickett                                         CD232

Sonata a 6 (Peasants’ Procession to Church) Vienna Consentus Musicus, N. Harnoncourt                                         CD327

Sonata a 7 (1668), Vienna Concentus Musicus, Nicholas Harnoncourt                                                                         CD232

Sonata No.1 a 8 (Sonata Tam Aris quam Aulis Servientes), Freiburg Baroque Orchestra Consort                               CD328

Sonata No. 5 (Fidicinium Sacro-Profanum), Leonhardt Consort, Leonhardt (harpsichord)                                           CD328

Sonata XI in A; Sonata X in G minor, (Sonatae Tam Aris Quam Aulis Servientes, 1676), Parley of Insts., Holman   CD232

Violin Sonata No.3 in F (1681), John Holloway (violin), Aloysia Assenbaum (organ),

         Lars Ulrik Mortensen  (harpsichord)                                                                                                                    CD328

Mensa Sonora No. 5, Musica Antiqua Cologne, Reinhard Goebel (violin, director)                                                     CD327

Balletti Lamentabili, Ars Antiqua Austria, director Gunar Letzbor (violin)                                                                  CD327

Agnus Dei, Plaudite Tympana (Missa Salburgensis, 1682) Amsterdam Baroque Choir and Orchestra, Koopman      CD232

Battalia in D (1673), Musica Antiqua Koln, director Reinhard Goebel                                                                         CD232

Laetatus sum, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Chorus Viennensis, Vienna Concentus Musicus, Nicholas Harnoncourt             CD232

Passacaglia from the 6th Rosary Sonata, arranged (anon) for lute, Nigel North                                                              CD233

Passacaglia in G minor from Coronation of the Virgin Mystery Sonata, John Holloway (violin)                                 CD233

Partitia No. 3 (Harmonia Artificiosa-Ariosa), The Rare Fruits Council                                                                        CD328


Bingen, Hildegard von

Pieces from The Hildegard Liederband and The Orden Virtutem, Gregorian Chant, Schola der

    Benediktinerinnenabtei, St. Hildegard Rudesheim-Eibingen,  M. Immaculata Ritscher OSB                                     CD168




Carmen Suites 1 & 2, St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra “Canon”, Alexander Titov                                                    CD403

L’Arlesienne Suites 1 & 2, Baltic Festival Orchestra, Yun-Sung Chang                                                                        CD403



Morning Heroes, Richard Baker, BBCSO & Chorus, Groves                                                                                        CD593



String Quintet in A Op. 28 No. 2 (Della disgrazia), Quinteto Boccherini                                                                      CD362

String Quintet in D Op. 11 No. 6 (L’uccelliera), Quinteto Boccherini                                                                           CD371

String Quartet in E minor Op. 32 No. 2, Esterhazy Quartet                                                                                          CD371

Cello Concertos (complete) Enrico Bronzi, Accademia i Filarmonici di Verona                                                            CD496

Guitar Quintets Nos. 2, 4 in D, 6 in G                                                                                                                           CD506



Symphony No. 3 in B minor,  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley                                                          CD469

Concerto for oboe and strings No. 1 in C Sarah Francis, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley                  CD469



Symphony No. 1in Eb,          Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orch. Rozhdestvensky                                                 CD507

Symphony No. 2 in B minor  Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orch. Rozhdestvensky                                                CD507

Symphony No. 3 in A minor  Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orch. Rozhdestvensky                                                CD507

Polovtsian Dances,                 Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orch. Rozhdestvensky                                                 CD507

Petite Suite, etc.                      Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orch. Rozhdestvensky                                                CD507

In the Steppes of Central Asia, Suisse Romande Orchestra, Ernest Ansermet                                                              CD231

Overture: Prince Igor, BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                                                          CD495

In the Steppes of Central Asia  BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                                           CD495



Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Berliner Philharmoniker, Abbado                                                                                   CD24

Symphony No. 1 in C minor, BBC Scottish S.O., Ilan Volkov                                                                                     CD439

Symphony No. 2 in D, B.B.C.S,O., Belohlavek                                                                                                            CD25

Symphony No. 3 in F, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Haitink                                                                                     CD26

Symphony No. 3 in F, BBC Philharmonic, Noseda                                                                                                       CD651

Symphony No. 4, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Jochum                                                                                         CD38

Ave Maria Op. 12,  Warsaw Phil & Choir, Antoni Wit                                                                                                 CD664

Begrabnisgesang Op. 13, Warsaw Phil & Choir, Antoni Wit                                                                                         CD664

Alto Rhapsody, Van Nes, Tanglewood Festival Chorus, Boston Symphony 0rchestra, Haitink                                 CD26

Alto Rhapsody, Ewa Wolak,Warsaw Phil & Choir, Antoni Wit                                                                                   CD664

Ein Deutsches Requiem, Norman, Hynninen, London Phil. Choir, B.B.C. Symphony Chorus,

        London Phil. Orchestra, Tennstedt                                                                                                                        CD38

Ein Deutsches Requiem, solosti, Edinburgh Festival Chorus, BBC Scottish S.O., Runnickles                                     CD628

Schicksalslied, Op. 54 London Phil. Choir, B.B.C. Symphony Chorus, London Phil. Orchestra, Tennstedt               CD38

Schicksalslied, Op. 54, Triumphlied, Ave Maria, Nanie, Danish National Choir and Synphony Orch. Albrecht        CD511

Schicksalslied, Op. 54, BBC NOW& CHOR, Llewellyn                                                                                               CD651

Schicksalslied, Op. 54, Warsaw Phil & Choir, Antoni Wit                                                                                            CD664

Nanie, Op.82 Warsaw Phil & Choir, Antoni Wit                                                                                                           CD664

Concerto in A minor for Violin and Cello, Mutter, Meneses, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karaja                                    CD22/3

Concerto in A minor for Violin and Cello Batiashvili, Gerhardt, BBC Philharmonic, Tortelier                                    CD184

Violin Concerto in D, Mutter, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karajan                                                                                   CD22/3

Violin Concerto in D, Haendel, BBCSO, Rozhdestvensky                                                                                            CD670

Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Pollini, Wiener Philharmoniker, Bohm                                                                    CD22/3

Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Arrau, Royal Concertgebouw Orch., Haitink                                                          CD21

Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Nelson Goerner, BBC Scottish SO, Christoph Koenig                                           CD

Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat, Arrau, Royal Concertgebouw Orch., Haitink                                                              CD21

Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat, Pollini, Wiener Philharmoniker, Abbado                                                                      CD22/3

Tragic Overture Op.81, Royal Concertgebouw Orch., Haitink                                                                                      CD21

Academic Festival Overture Op. 80, Royal Concertgebouw Orch., Haitink                                                                 CD21

Academic Festival Overture Op. 80, BBC NOW, Richard Hickox                                                                                CD579

Vars. on a Theme by Haydn Op.56a, (St.  Anthony Chorale) Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Haitink                   CD21

Vars. on a Theme by Haydn Op.56a, (St.  Anthony Chorale) BBC NOW, Brabbins                                                   CD651

Serenade No. 1 in D Op. 11, LSO, Tilson Thomas                                                                                                        CD553

Serenade No. 2 for small orchestra, in A Op.16,  London Philharmonic Orchestra,  Boult                                           CD200

Serenade No. 2 for small orchestra, in A Op.16,                                                                                                            CD553

Hungarian Dances (1st set) arranged for orchestra,  BBC Philharmonic,  Noseda                                                          CD203

Hungarian Dances Nos. 1 - 21, arranged for orchestra,  Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Istvan Bogar                       CD381

Gesang der Parzen Op. 89, Rundfunkchor- Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, Abbado                                                  CD24

Gesang der Parzen Op. 89, Warsaw Phil & Choir, Antoni Wit                                                                                     CD664Violin Sonata No. 1 in G,  Lysa,  Gillian                                                                                                                                                                                                     CD138

Motets, Ave Maria, Psalm XIII, Geistliches Lied,                                                                                                        CD140

  Fest und Gedenkspruche,   Jones, St. Brides Choir, Morley                                                                                       CD140

String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 51 No. 2, The Lindsays                                                                       CD595,  CD387

String quartet Op. 67 in Bb Leipziger String Quartet                                                                                                     CD697

Piano quartet in G minor Op. 25, (orch. Schoenberg)  Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Robert Craft                            CD470

Piano quintet in F minor Op. 34, Kodaly 4tet, Signum 4tet, Hadland                                                                           CD695

Piano quintet in F minor Op. 34, Kodaly 4tet, Jeno Jando                                                                                            CD161

Piano quintet in F minor Op. 34, Fleezanis, Swensen, Phelps, Kieschbaum, Han                                                        CD481

Clarinet Quintet in B minor Op.115,  Karol Szymanowski Quartet, Ronald van Spaendonck                                     CD250

Cello Sonata No. 2 in F Op.99,  Ralph Kirschbaum, Roger Vignoles                                                                            CD162

Trio in Eb Op. 40, Le Sage (violin), Pyatt (horn), Nikolitch (piano)                                                                             CD156

Ballade No. 3 in B minor                                                                                                                                                CD242

Three Intermezzi, Op. 117,  Wilhelm Kempf                                                                                                                CD299

String sextet Op. 18 in Bb,  Leipziger String Quartet, Helmet Rohde, Michael Sanderling                                           CD697                  

Sextet No. 1 in Bb (2nd mvt.) arranged by Talmi for string orchestra,  BBC SSO, Vassily Sinaisky                             CD347

Four Serious Songs Op.121, Jonathan Lemalu, Roger Vignoles                                                                                     CD333

Complete Organ Works, Robert Parkins, Flentrop Organ                                                                                             CD336

Missa Canonica, Martin (organ), choir of Westminster Cathedral, Baker                                                                     CD458

Sonata for violin and piano, No.2,  D minor, Op. 108, Yehudi and Hepzibah Menuhin                                               CD686




Symphony No. 1 “The Gothic”,  soloists, choirs, Slovak Radio SO, Slovak Philharmonic, Ondrej Lenard                 CD364

Symphony No. 7 in C, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras                                            CD409

Symphony No. 31, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras                                                  CD409

The Tinkers Wedding - Comedy Overture, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Mackerras             CD409



The Sea,  BBC NOW, Martyn Brabbins                                                                                                                        CD622



Violin Concerto, Haendel, BBCSO Andrew Davis                                                                                                        CD670

Missa Brevis in D Op. 63, Westminster Cathedral Choir, George Malcolm                                                                 CD303

War Requiem, Solisti, BBS SSo etc, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                            CD675

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, B.B.C. Philharmonic Orchestra Tortelier                                                       CD44

Four Sea Interludes (Peter Grimes) BBC SO Titov                                                                                                       CD87

A Boy was born, treble, Trinity Boys’ Choir, BBC Symphony Chorus, Stephen Jackson                                         CD296

Serenade for tenor, horn and strings, James Gilchrist (tenor), Stephen Stirling (horn), BBCNOW, R. Hickox             CD378

Plymouth Town, BBCSO, Grant Llewellyn                                                                                                                  CD449

Nocturne, BBC NOW, Andrew Kennedy (tenor), Douglas Bostock                                                                            CD449

St. Nicholas Op. 42, BBC Singers St. Paul's Choristers Andrew Carwood                                                                   CD580

Courtly Dances (Gloriana), BBC Philharmonic,  Edward Gardner                                                                                CD603

Lachrymae, Op. 48, Lisa Berthaud, Francois Pinel                                                                                                        CD663



Organ Concerti in F, D, C, G, Sokol, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                                                   CD79

Organ Concerto in C, Sokol, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                                                                CD80



Violin Concerto in G minor No. 1 Op. 26, Mutter, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karajan                                                  CD9

Violin Concerto in G minor No. 1 Op. 26, Tasmin Little, BBCNOW, Atherton                                                          CD632

In Memoriam Op. 65, Salvatore Accardo, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra,  Kurt Masur                                            CD230

Concerto for two Pianos and Orchestra, Katia and Marielle Labeque, Philharmonia, Semyon Bychkov                      CD231



Symphony No. 00 (“Study Symphony”),  Royal Scottish National Orchestra,  George Tintner                                 CD214

Symphony No. 0 (“Die Nullte”), National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, George Tintner                                      CD222

Symphony No. 1 (1866), Royal Scottish National Orchestra, George Tintner                                                             CD307

Symphony No. 2 in C minor, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim                                                         CD306

Symphony No. 3 in D minor,  Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra,  Nikolaus Harnoncourt                                            CD213

Symphony No. 3 in D minor 1899 ver. City of Birmingham S.O., Andris Nelsons                                                      CD610

Symphony No. 4 in Eb The Romantic, NYPO, Masur                                                                                                 CD64

Symphony No. 4 in Eb The Romantic, Slovak PO, Adolph                                                                                          CD93

Symphony No. 4 in Eb The Romantic, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Ion Marin                                             CD313

“Volkfest” (1878) Finale to Symphony No. 4,  Royal Scottish National Orchestra,  George Tintner                          CD214

Symphony No. 5 in Bb, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, George Tintner                                                               CD305

Symphony No. 6 in A,  BBCSO, Nicolae Moldoveanu (in Dunblane Cathedral)                                                         CD224

Symphony No. 7 in E, NYPO                                                                                                                                        CD64

Symphony No. 7 in E, BBC NOW, Petri Sukari                                                                                                           CD446

Symphony No. 8 in C minor (1887 version, Nowak ed.), National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, George Tintner        CD222

Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Berliner Philharmoniker, Jochum                                                                                   CD11

Symphony No. 9 in D minor inc. 4th mvt; Berlin Philharmonika, Sir Simon Rattle                                                      CD633

String Quartet in C minor,  L’Archibudelli                                                                                                                     CD329

Ave Maria I, BBC Singers;  Ave Maria II, La Chapelle Royale                                                                                     CD329

Psalm 150, Stader, Deutsche Oper Chor, Berlin PO, Jochum                                                                                        CD90

Tota pulchra es, Westminster Cathedral Choir, Wright (organ), Simon Cleobury                                                         CD303

Locus Iste, BBC Singers, Poole                                                                                                                                      CD330

Te Deum, Jessye Norman (sop), Yvonne Minton (mezzo), David Rendal (ten), Samuel Ramey (bass)

             Chicago Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim                                                                         CD330



Gaude Celestis Domina, Busnois Consort, Dir. Andrew Kirkman                                                                                CD371



A Shropshire Lad, Halle, Mark Elder                                                                                                                             CD500

A Shropshire Lad, BBCScottishSO, Manze                                                                                                                  CD673

Six songs from A Shropshire Lad, Lemalu. Burnside                                                                                                     CD532

The Banks of Green Willow, LSO, Hickox                                                                                                                    CD68

The Banks of Green Willow, BBC Concert Orch, Lockhart                                                                                          CD673

English Idylls Nos 1 & 2, BBCScottishSO, Manze                                                                                                       CD673



Fugue in C “a la Gigue”  BUXWV174  Durufle                                                                                                             CD133



Mass for 4 voices, four motets, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Mark Brown                                                                           CD317

In Nomine, Consort Orlando Gibbons                                                                                                                           CD311

Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, also by Bull, Farnaby, Munday & Philips;  M. Souter, keyboard            CD170

The Battell,  Davitt Moroney (muselar virginal)                                                                                                            CD206

Various Pieces, The Cardinall's Musick, Andrew Carwood                                                                                           CD679






Missa Dolorosa, Stabat Mater, Coro della Radio Svizzera, Aura Musicale, Rene Clemencic                                       CD427



Missa pro defunctis, Schola Cantorum of Oxford, Summerly                                                                                       CD463



Concerto Grosso in D Op. 3/12 Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                                                                 CD57



Espana, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Beecham                                                                                                       CD494



Symphony No. 2 in Bb, Albany S.O.,  Julius Hegyi                                                                                                     CD522



Mass, Te Deum, Canticum Zachariae;  Le Concert Spirituel, Niquet                                                                            CD111

Messe des Morts a quatre and other pieces, Le Concert Spirituel,  Herve Niquet                                                        CD164

Messe de M. de Mauroy, Le Concert Spirituel, Niquet                                                                                                CD479

Ave Maris Stalla, Le Concert Spirrituel, Hervé Niquet                                                                                                  CD306

Dixit Dominus H202,  Le Concert Spirituel, Hervé Niquet

Oratorios: Caecilia, Virgo et martyr; Filius Prodigus,  Les Arts Florissants, William Christie                                      CD398

Noels and Christmas Motets, soloists, Aradia Ensemble, Kevin Mallon                                                                      CD410

Motets a 1 et a 2, Concerto Vocale                                                                                                                                CD478

Méditations pour la Câreme, Ensemble Pierre Robert                                                                                                   CD477

Judicium Salomonis, Motet pur une longue Offrande, Les Arts Florissants, Christie                                                   CD476



Poeme de 1'amour et de la mer,  Roocroft, BBC NOW, Atherton                                                                                 CD53

Incidental Music to “The Tempest”.  BBC Philharmonic,  Jean-Pascal Tortellier                                                        CD286

Concert Op. 21, (piano 6tet), Piece in C Op. 39,



Symphony in D,  NBC Symphony Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini                                                                                 CD246

Missa Solemnis in D minor, soloists, Clarion Concerts Chorus & Orch, Jenkins                                                         CD62

Missa Solenne Breve in Bb, Bostock, Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and Choirs                                         CD562

Requiem, Radio Chorus & SO Ljubljana, Munih                                                                                                           CD67

         Overture Médée,  City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra,                                                                             CD242

Requiem in D minor, Bostock, Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and Choirs                                                    CD562

Overture Les Deux Journées,  Academy of St. Martin in the Fields,  Neville Marriner                                                CD242



Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor Op. 4, Melnikov                                                                                                           CD97

Piano Sonata No. 2 in Bb minor, Howard Shelley                                                                                                          CD365

Piano Sonata No. 2 in Bb minor Op 35, Polonaise in C# minor Op. 26 No. 1,  Nocturne in F#  Op. 15 No. 2, 

Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor,  Wilhelm Kempf, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Karel Ancerl                              CD326

Mazurka in A minor Op. 17 No. 4: Artur Rubinstein                                                                                                   CD275

Three Piano Preludes, Eric Parkin                                                                                                                                  CD275

Preludes 1 - 24 Op. 28, Howard Shelley                                                                                                                        CD365

Nocturnes, various Tan, Piano                                                                                                                                       CD18

Nocturne in Ab Op. 32 No. 2, Orch. Stravinsky, Martin Roscoe, BBC Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                  CD561

Nocturne in Eb  Op. 9 No. 2, Martin Roscoe                                                                                                                CD561

Nocturne in F Op. 15 No. 1  Sviatoslav Richter                                                                                                            CD667

Ballade No. 1 in G minor Op. 23,  Wladimir Horowitz                                                                                                 CD629





Le Choeur de l’Opera d’Etat Mussorgski de Saint-Pertersbourg. Traditional Russian Chants and works by

  Bortnianski, Cui, Dargomijski, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Taneev, Tchaikovski,Varlamov.                                     CD186

Christmas Music from around Europe, Highlights from an EBU Broadcast on Radio 3                                               CD221

Chorales de Saint Etienne, Caen                                                                                                                                     CD483

Music by Allegri, Anerio & Byrd, The Sixteen, Christophers, Stile Antico, Rose Consort of Viols                            CD526

Renaissance Choral Music, Allegri, Byrd, Palestrina; The Sixteen, Stile Antico, Rose  Consort of Viols                     CD532

Choral Favourites, Albinoni, Bach, Faure, Gounod, Mozart, Schumann, Telemann                                                     CD534

A Choral Christmas, soloists, Rodolfus Choir, Allwood

Venetian Vespers - various composers 2 CDs                                                                                                               CD691

Venetian Easter Mass, Lassus and others                                                                                                                      CD691

Music for San Rocco, Giovanni Gabrieli                                                                                                                        CD691


Christmas Music

Carols, mostly traditional, Choir of Westminster Cathedral                                                                                          CD13

Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern, BBC Singers                                                                                                    CD 14

Christmas through the Ages, Various Choirs, 15th to 20th Century                                                                             CD58

Christmas around Europe, Various countries, mostly modern                                                                                       CD221

Christmas Music by Respighi, Britten, Honnegaer                                                                                                        CD296

Christmas Choral Music, Bach, Berlioz, Mouton, Clemens non Papa                                                                          CD493

Various, Praetorius to modern, Choir of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge                                                          CD612

La Nativite du Seigneur, Messiaen                                                                                                                                 CD618

Various, Laudibus, Robert Isaacs                                                                                                                                   CD677

Various composers, mainly Traditional, Choir of Mertyon College, Oxford                                                                 CD655

Christ is Born, Choral Music, The Queen's Six                                                                                                              CD672

A King's Singers Christmas                                                                                                                                            CD700



The Three Elizabeths Suite, BBC Concert Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth                                                                    CD625           



Cantigas de Amigo, Grupo de Musica Antigua de Compostela                                                                                     CD43



Symphony for Organ and Orchestra, Wayne Maeshall, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Rumon Gamba                       CD312

Organ Symphony, Preston, BBCSO, Slatkin                                                                                                                 CD52

El Salon Mexico, Billy the Kid, Danzon cubano, BBCSO, Slatkin                                                                                CD52

Apalachian Spring, Ulster Orchestra, Thierry Fischer                                                                                                   CD448

Clarinet Concerto, Robert Plane, BBC NOW, Eric Stern                                                                                               CD448



Concerto Grosso in D Op. 6/1 Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                                                                   CD57

Concero Grosso in G minor Op. 6 No. 8 (Christmas Concerto), Il Giardino Harmonico, Giovanni Antonini              CD310

Trio Sonata in A minor Op. 1 No. 4, Manze, Podger, McGillivray, Cooper                                                                CD225



Organ Concerti in G, A, D, C, F, D minor,  Michalko, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                       CD82

Carillon pour les morts, (Bells of Rouen), Musica Antiqua Cologne, P. Herreweghe                                                   CD303


Couperin Francois

Livres de piece de clavecin 1 - 4, Ordres 1 - 27  Olivier Beaumont,  10 CDs                                                                CD565

Trois Lecons de Tenebre, Lamentations of Jeremiah,                                                                                                    CD124

14 works inc. Les Baricades Mysterieuses, plus 3 Homages                                                                                         CD437

Music for harpsichord Vol. 1 Premier Ordre, Premier & Deuxieme Concerts Royaux; Cummings et al.                      CD426


Couperin Louis

Four Harpsichord Suites, Tonbeau de M. de Blandrocher, Cummings, harpsichord                                                     CD425

Suite in C minor, Christophe Rousset                                                                                                                            CD602


Cui  Song of the most holy Theotokos, Op. 93, Holst Singers, Stephen Layton                                                         CD474



Symphony No. 1 in C minor Op. 780, Ulster Orchestra,                                                                                              CD445







Nocturnes (Nuages, Fêtes, Syrènes),   BBC Philharmonic, Jean-Pascal Tortellier                                                        CD282

Nocturne, Preludes,  Tan, Piano                                                                                                                                     CD18

String quartet,   Belcea Quartet                                                                                                                                       CD97

Music for King Lear (Orch. Ducasse), Children's Corner (Orch. Caplet), La Mer, Six epigraphes antiques,

          Premiere rapsodie for clarinet & Orchestra, Plane, BBC NOW, Otaka                                                                CD88

Prelude a l’apres midi d’un faune,  BBCSO  A. Davis, 1998  USA Tour                                                                      CD132

Prelude a l’apres midi d’un faune,  BBCSO  D. Robertson                                                                                            CD525

Minstrels,  Jacques Thibaud, Alfred Cortot                                                                                                                   CD127

Cello Sonata,  Ralph Kirschbaum, Roger Vignoles                                                                                                         CD162

Premiere Rhapsodie, Van Spaendonck (clarinet)                                                                                                            CD177

Berceuse Heroïque,  ORTF National Orchestra,  Martinon                                                                                           CD251

Pour le piano (Prelude, Sarabande, Toccata),  Vlado Perlemutter                                                                                  CD279

Images (1st and 2nd sets),  Vlado Perlemutter                                                                                                                  CD279

Iberia (Images), Chicago Symphony Orchestra,  Fritz Reiner                                                                                        CD282

Nocturnes: Nuages, Fêtes, Syrène; Leeds Festival Chorus, BBC Philharmonic, Simon Wright                                    CD282

Jeux, ballet; BBC NOW, Richard Hickox                                                                                                                       CD378

Jeux, ballet; BBCSO, P. Eotvos                                                                                                                                      CD525

Three Preludes; Jean Yves Thibaudet, piano                                                                                                                  CD304

Ronde de Printemps, London Symphony Orchestra,  Pierre Monteux                                                                         CD277

Four songs from Cinq Poemes de Baudelaire, Chrisopher Maltman (bar), BBCSO, Thierry Fischer                           CD332

Printemps, BBC SO, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                                                   CD441

Images, BBC SO, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                                                        CD441

Petite Suite, BBC SO, Pierre-Andre Valade                                                                                                                   CD441

Syrinx, Sharon Bezaly                                                                                                                                                    CD475

Prelude – Les Collines d’Anacapri                                                                                                                                 CD500

Homage a Haydn and other pieces, Arturo Pizarro                                                                                                        CD576

The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, BBC NOW and Chorus, Thierry Fischer                                                                 CD613

Cloches a traver les feuilles (Images Bk 2 No 1) Sviatoslave Richter                                                                             CD667



Piano Concerto, Moiseiwitsch, BBCSO, Sargent                                                                                                           CD681

Sea Drift, Hampson (bar), BBC National Orch and Chor of Wales, , Bach Choir, Hickox                                            CD681

Poem of Life and Love, BBC ?Concert Orchestra, Vernon Handley                                                                             CD681

Brigg Fair,  Halle Orchestra, Elder                                                                                                                                  CD201

Brigg Fair, BBCSO Andrew Davis                                                                                                                                 CD532

Winter Landscapes,  The March of Spring,  Bournemouth S. O., Hickox                                                                     CD189

In a Summer Garden (1st version), BBC Concert Orchestra,  Lawrence                                                                         CD190

Over the hills and faraway, National Orchestra of Wales, Charles Mackerras                                                              CD303

Sleigh Ride, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,  Beecham                                                                                                   CD290

To be sung of a summer night on the water, Nos. 1 & 2,  BBC Singers, Stephen Cleobury                                          CD407

Five early part songs,  BBC Singers, Stephen Cleobury                                                                                                CD407

The Song of the High Hills, Irmelin Prelude, Koanga (final scene), RPO Beecham                                                       CD574

A Village Romeo and Juliet, Intermezzo and Serenade from Hassan, RPO Beecham                                                    CD574



Lachrimae Verrae, Semper Dowland Semper Dolens, Sir Henry Umpton’s Fumeral, English Consort, Pinnock         CD297

Forlorn hope fnacye


Dubinsky (Rotislav, violinist)

Various pieces from Brahms to Shostakovich                                                                                                                CD388



Veni Creator Spiritus, Pro Musica Antiqua, Cape                                                                                                         CD215

Mass: Se la Face ay Pale,  Early Music Consort of London,  David Munrow                                                              CD259



Masses and Motets, Tonus Peregrinus                                                                                                                          CD464



Requiem Op. 9  BBC NO&ChorW, Thierry Fischer                                                                                                     CD661



Symphony No. 4 in D minor, London Symphony Orchestra, Witold Rowicki                                                            CD241

Symphony No. 5 in F,  BBC Philharmonic, Walter Weller                                                                                            CD291

Symphony No. 6 in Dmajor,  BBC Symphony Orchestra,  Jiri Belohlavek                                                                  CD283

Symphony No. 8,  BBC Philharmonic,  G. Noseda                                                                                                       CD167

Symphony No. 9 (from the New World), Radio S. O. Ljubljana, Nanut                                                                       CD158

Symphony No. 9 (from the New World), BBC Scottish SO, Runnicles

Violin Concerto in A minor, Accardo, Concertgebouw, Davis                                                                                       CD115

Cello Concerto No. 1 in A, Milos Sadlo, Czech Philharmonic, Vaclav Neumann                                                          CD473

Cello Concerto in B minor, du Pre, Chicago SO, Barenboim                                                                                          CD72

Cello Concerto in B minor, Gerhardt, BBC PO, Jarvi                                                                                                    CD112

Symphonic Variations, BBC SO, Belohlavek                                                                                                                 CD95

Requiem Op. 89,  Slovak Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Zdenek Kosler                                                               CD318

Stabat Mater, Symphonie_Orchesterdes Bayerische Rundfunk;  Legends, English Chamber Orchestra                      CD535

Carnival Overture, Halle, Hamilton Harty                                                                                                                     CD500

Carnival Overture, BBC Concert Orchestra,  Wordsworth                                                                                            CD199

Carnival Overture, BBC Scottish SO, Dworzynski

Slavonic Dances Op. 72/1 and 72/2, Radio S. O. Ljubljana, Nanut                                                                                CD158

Slavonic Dances Op. 72, 1 - 8, Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Peter Wohlert                                                                    CD492

The Golden Spinning Wheel,  BBC Philharmonic,  G. Noseda                                                                                      CD167

The Golden Spinning Wheel, Czech Philharmonic, Vaclav Neumann                                                                            CD472

Five Bagatelles, Firkusny (harmonium), Juilliard Quartet                                                                                              CD195

Five Bagatelles Op 47, Domus Ensemble                                                                                                                       CD347

Nocturne in B Op. 40, English Chamber Orchestra, Barenboim                                                                                    CD207

Humoresque Op. 101 No. 7 (Arr. Kreisler), Kreisler                                                                                                     CD286

Waltz in Db minor Op. 54 No. 4,  Seveik-Lhotski Quartet                                                                                           CD311

Polonaise in A for Cello and Piano. Milos Sadlo, Alfred Holecek                                                                                 CD472

Piano Quartet in Eb, Op. 87, Fleezanis, Walther, Carr, Kalish                                                                                      CD481

Serenade for String Orchestra, Op.22, Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Peter Wohlert                                                         CD492



Symphony in G, Concerto da Chiesa, Overture; Bournemouth Symphony Orch. Lloyd-Jones, Stg. 4tet.                  CD423





Easy Listening

Charles Asnavour - Songs                                                                                                                                               CD630

Various; George Shearing, Peter Ustinov                                                                                                                        CD 103




Five pieces (electronic music)                                                                                                                                         CD245



Kleine Sinfonie, BBC SSO, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                                         CD439



Symphony No. 1 in Ab, BBCSO, A. Davis                                                                                                                   CD155

Symphony No. 1 in Ab, BBC SO, Boult                                                                                                                       CD456

Symphony No. 1 in Ab, arranged for organ and played by David Briggs                                                                      CD666

Symphony No. 2 in Eb,  BBC Philharmonic, Downes                                                                                                  CD163

Symphony No. 2 in Eb,  BBC SO,  Sargent                                                                                                                   CD482

Symphony No. 2 in Eb,  BBC SO, Sir Andrew Davis                                                                                                   CD597

Symphony No. 2 in Eb, arranged for organ and played by David Briggs                                                                      CD666

Symphony No. 3 (Payne), Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Daniel                                                                      CD36

Sketches from Symphony No. 3 (Anthony Payne broadcast)                                                                                       CD139

Piano Concerto and other pieces, Owen Norris (piano), BBC Concert Orch & BBC Singers, David Lloyd-Jones      CD444

Violin Concerto,  Hilary Hahn, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Colin Davis                                                     CD225

Cello Concerto in E minor, du Pre, LSO, Barbirolli                                                                                                        CD72

Enigma Variations, London Symphony Orchestra, Boult                                                                                              CD5

Enigma Variations, BBC NOW, Tadaaki Otaka                                                                                                             CD379

In the South - Alassio,  Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra,  Silvestri                                                                        CD206

In the South - Alassio,  BBC SO, Slatkin                                                                                                                       CD456

In the South - Alassio,  BBC SO, Sir Andrew Davis                                                                                                     CD597

Elegy for String Orchestra, Op. 58,  London Philharmonic, Elgar                                                                                  CD494

Salut d’Amour, Halle, Leslie Heward                                                                                                                             CD500

Fantasia and Fugue in C minor (Bach), arr. for orch. Elgar, London Philharmonic, Boult                                             CD494

The Music Makers, Baker, London Phil. Choir & Orch, Boult                                                                                     CD27

The Dream of Gerontius, Gedda, Watts, Lloyd, Alldis Choir,  London Philharmonic Choir,

          New Philharmonic Orchestra, Boult                                                                                                                     CD27

The Dream of Gerontius,  Janet Baker, Richard Lewis, Kim Borg, Hallé Choir, Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus,

          Ambrosian Singers, Hallé Orchestra,  Barbirolli                                                                                                   CD284

The Apostles, Choir of Downe House School, LP Choir, LPO, Boult                                                                          CD114

The Apostles,  Solisti, Halle Choir &Youth Choir, Halle Orchestra, Mark Elder                                                         CD683

The Kingdom, Price, Minton, Young, Shirley-Quirk, LP Choir, LPO, Boult                                                                CD89

Meditation from The Light of Life, Choir of Downe House School, LP Choir, LPO, Boult                                         CD114

The Light of Life, Marshall, Watts, Leggate, Shirly-Quirk SATB, Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, Royal

   Liverpol Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Groves.                                                                                                CD356

Sea Pictures,  Janet Baker, London Symphony Orchestra,  Barbirolli                                                                           CD284

Sea Pictures,  Jenifer Johnston, BBC NOW, Francesco Angelico                                                                                  CD665

Coronation Ode, Lott, Hodgson, Morton, Roberts, CUMS, Kings Coll. Choir, New PO, Ledger                               CD89

The Black Knight, Op.25, LSO Chorus and Orchestra, Richard Hickox                                                                       CD384

String quartet, Dante Quartet                                                                                                                                         CD90

Symphonic Study Falstaff, BBC SSO, Brabbins                                                                                                           CD95

The Spanish Lady,  cast + Scottish Opera Chorus, BBC SSO, Manson                                                                       CD139

The Banner of St. George, Te Deum and Benedictus, Great is the Lord,

    LSO Chorus, N. Sinfonia of England,  Hickox                                                                                                            CD147

19 pieces, including Chanson de Matin, Dream Children, Salut d’Amour etc.                                                              CD182

Overture - Cockaigne,  Philharmonia, John Barbirolli                                                                                                    CD231

Polonia, Op. 76 (In aid of Polish refugees, dedicated to Paderewski) L.P.O., Boult                                                     CD233

Nursery Suite,  Dream Children Op.43,  In Moonlight (Canto Popolare Op. 50),  Romance Op.62,

   Sospiri Op. 70,  Serenade Op. 20,  Elegy )p. 58.  English Chamber Orchestra, Paul Goodwin                                  CD249

The Starlight Express, Incidental Music, Masterson (sop), Hammond-Stroud (bar), London PO, Handley                CD358

Scenes from the Bavarian Highlands, Op. 27, LSO Chorus and Orchestra, Richard Hickox                                         CD384

Powick Asylum Music, Rutland Sinfonia, Barry Collet                                                                                                CD295

Organ Works, complete, Dr. Donald Hunt, Worcester Cathedral Organ                                                                       CD339

Sonata for Organ, Op. 28; James Lancelot, Durham Cathedral                                                                                      CD528

Complete Music for Wind Quintet, Vol. I:- Harmony Music Nos. 1 and 5, Intermezzos, Adagio cantabile “Mrs

    Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, Andante con variationi “Eveshan Andante”; Athena Ensemble                                    CD390

Part Songs,  BBC Singers, Stephen Cleobury                                                                                                                 CD407

"Elgar's Trombone" Pieces for trombone and other instruments by Elgar and others                                                    CD660



Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, BBC Concert Orchestra, Johannes Wildner                                                                      CD625





Three Cornered Hat: Suite No. 1   Ulster Orchestra,  Leaper                                                                                        CD238

Three Cornered Hat: Suite No. 1   Ulster Orchestra,  Josep Caballe-Domenech                                                           CD416

Seven Popular Spanish Songs;   Ann Murray, BBC Concert Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya                                   CD244

Seven Popular Spanish Songs; No. 4 Jota; Nathan Milstein                                                                                          CD632

Nights in the Gardens of Spain, P. L. Aimard, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Martyn Brabbins                                    CD286



Messe Basse                                                                                                                                                                   CD4

Requiem, Rodgers, Gunn, BBC Singers, BBC PO                                                                                                         CD90

Pavane Op. 50, BBC Concert Orchestra, Nicholas Kok                                                                                                CD236

Cantique de Jean Racine, Chorus and Orchestra of French Radio, Inghelbrecht                                                            CD217

L’Horizon Chimerique, Jonathan LeMalu baritone, Roger Vignoles piano                                                                    CD224, 333

Melody de Venise and other pieces, Kennedy, Drake                                                                                                   CD475


Fayrfax Manuscript

Various composers, and anon.  Pro Cantione Antiqua, Mark Brown                                                                            CD514



Messes pour L'Orgue, various, Schola Vallorensis, Navarre                                                                                          CD40



Festive Overture Comenius Op.34, Prague S.O. Vladimir Valek                                                                                   CD230



Nocturnes, various Tan, Piano                                                                                                                                       CD18



Cello Concerto, Eclogue for Piano and Strings, Grand Fantasia and Toccata,

        Hugh, Donohoe, Northern Sinfonia, Grifiths                                                                                                         CD116

Clarinet Concerto Op. 3 1, Five Bagatelles Op. 23a, Three Soliloquies Op. 28,  Severn Rhapsody Op. 3.

        Romance in Eb, Introit in F,   Plkane, Northern Symphonia, Griffiths                                                                  CD 117

Romance for strings,  Academy of St. Martin in the Fields,  Marriner                                                                          CD207

Rollicum Rorum, To Lizbie Brown,  Jonathan LeMalu baritone, Roger Vignoles piano                                               CD 224, 333

Let us garlands bring; Lemalu, BBCSO, Jac van Steen                                                                                                   CD532

Dies Natalis, Op. 8, Susan Gritton, BBCSO, Edward Gardner                                                                                     CD603



Folk Music

Temas Clasicos en Guitarra Espanola                                                                                                                            CD143

Sirtaki and Bouzouki - Greek Instrumental Music                                                                                                         CD143/4

Traditional Folk Music & Ballads of the Maltese Islands                                                                                             CD144

Sabicas - Recital de Guitarra Flamenca                                                                                                                           CD145



Wind Quintet No. 1,  Galliard Ensemble                                                                                                                        CD359           



Symphony in D minor BBC NOW Otaka                                                                                                                             CD53

Symphony in D minor 2nd Mvt. Arr. Billy May, Casaloma Orchestra, Billy Gray                                                      CD377

Symphonic Variations,  Clifford Curzon,  London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult                                     CD251

Organ works, complete, Jeniffer Bate, Grandes Orgues de la Cathédrale St. Pierre de Beauvais                                   CD320

Sonata for violin and piano A; Janine Jansen, Kathryn Stott                                                                                         CD240

Sonata for violin and piano A; Ibragimova, Tiberghien                                                                                                  CD475

Le Chasseur Maudit,  Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch                                                                          CD251

Morceau Symphonique (From “Redemption”), Belgian National Orchestra, André Cluytens                                     CD246

Psyché,  Concertgebouw,  Eduard van Beinum                                                                                                              CD246

Les Djinns,  Sviatoslav Richter, Moscow Youth Orchestra, Kirill Kondrashin                                                             CD247



Sonetto Spirituale- Maddelena al Croce, Ensemble “Concerto”, Roberto Gini                                                              CD414




Gabrieli A

Kyrie a 5, Credo a 8, Kyrie a 12, Gloria a 16, O sacrum convivium, Benedictus, Gabriel Consort & Players              CD474


Gabrieli G

Canzon in Echo Duodecimi Toni, 1 Musici                                                                                                                   CD 104

Sonata No. 14 A 8, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble                                                                                                          CD275

Canzon a 12 in echo, Personale No. 28, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago Brass Ensembles                                   CD314

14 Canzone plus 2 Sonatas, London Symphony Orchestra Brass                                                                                 CD338

Intonazione Quinto Tono Alla Quarta Bassa, Omnes Gentes, Gabriel Consort & Players                                           CD474



Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 - 3, Hasse Borup, Heather Connor (piano)                                                                                 CD 585



Venite, ascendimus ad montem Domini and Orientur stella ex,   from Opus Musicum                                                

   RTV Slovenia Chamber Choir, Gunthe Theuring                                                                                                        CD221



Concerto Grosso No 12 in D minor (La Follia) Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                                         CD57

La Follia - transcription of Corelli’s Sonata Op. 5.   Europa Galante,  Biondi                                                              CD156



Dances from Don Quixote, Ulster Orchestra, Josep Canalle-Domenech                                                                       CD416



Cuban Overture; BBC Concert Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya                                                                                 CD244

Piano Concerto in F, Donohoe, BBC NOW, Abell                                                                                                        CD529

Second Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, Jablonski, BBC NOW                                                                              CD573



Three Motets from Sacrarum cantionum liber primus, 5vv (1603)  **BBC Singers, Bo Holten                                   CD334

Tenebrae Respponsories for Good Friday, from Responsoria et alia ad Officium

                HebdomadaeSanctae spectantia, 6vv (1611)  **                                                                                            CD334

Madrigali, Libro 1, Concerto delle Dame di Ferrara                                                                                                       CD502



This is the Record of John,  Chorus of Trinity College Cambs., Dir. Richard Marion                                                  CD299



Estancia Ballet Suite; BBC Concert Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya                                                                          CD244



Guitar Concerto No. 1, Catemario, Wiener Akademie, Hasleböck                                                                                 CD592



Symphony No. 10                                                                                                                                                          CD701

Violin Concerto, Company, Prelude & Dance from Akhnaten, Adele Anthony, Ulster Orch, Takuo Yuasa               CD435



Symphony No. 5 in Bb, Op. 55, BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                                        CD495

Symphony No. 9 in D (incomplete) (orch, Gavriil Yudin), USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra, Yudin                       CD287

Violin Concerto in A minor, Thorsen, BBC. S.O., Paul Watkins                                                                                   CD237

Saxophone Concerto in Eb,  Robertson,  BBC Scottish SO,  Polianichko                                                                     CD207



Overture: Russlan & Ludmilla,  Leningrad Philharmonic, Yevgeny Mravinsky                                                            CD304

Kamarinskaya,  Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop                                                                             CD227



Symphony No. 3 (Of sorrowful Songs), Susan Gritton (soprano), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Yuri Simonov      CD321

Three Pieces in Olden Style, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Yuri Simonov                                                                 CD321



Messe Chorale,  Marie Claire Alain (organ), Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne, Michel Corboz                                         CD400

Messe Solennelle de Ste. Cecile, soloists, choir, organ, Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire           CD491

Petite Symphonie for wind instruments, Halle Orchestra, Barbirolli                                                                             CD491



Three Spanish Dances (orch de Grignon), Ulster Orchestra, Josep Canalle-Domenech                                                CD416


Gregorian Chant

Primae Vesperae in Nativitate Domini Nostri Jesu Christe                                                                                           CD 104

Gregorian Chant, Schola der Benediktinerinnenabtei, St. Hildegard Rudesheim-Eibingen,

     M. Immaculata Ritscher OSB                                                                                                                                    CD168

Easter Praise, Tony Yates (cantor), Voces, Martyn Warren (director)                                                                          CD471

In Festo Sanctissimi and other pieces, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Mark Brown                                                                 CD515



Piano Concerto in A Minor, Guy, BBC PO, Jarvi                                                                                                         CD112

Holberg Suite, BBC NOW, Petri Sokari                                                                                                                         CD347

Two Elegiac  Melodies Op. 34, Concergebouw, William Mengleberg                                                                           CD230

Old Norwegian Romances with Variations op.51, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Berglund                    CD230

In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt Suite No.1) BBC NOW Sondergard                                                      CD659

Incidental Music and Suites from Peer Gynt, BBCScottishSO, Lintu                                                                           CD669



Missa Sancta et Immaculate, Westminster Cathedra Choir,  O’Donnell                                                                        CD216



Organ Symphony No. 1,  Hyde, BBC Philharmonic,  Gamba                                                                                       CD216

Symphony No. 2 in A,  Ian Tracey, BBC Philharmonic, Tortelier, in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral                           CD277









Le rossignol eperdu: Le blanc somgeur, Frontispiece, Hivernale                                                                                    CD690



Naji Hakim

Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messian, Naji Hakim (organ)                                                                                                      CD618


de la Halle

Le Jeu de Robin et Marion, Libre Vermell (anon), and other pieces by other composers

        from 14th century, Studio der Fruhen Musik                                                                                                        CD 125



Organ Concerti Op. 4/1 - 6   Sokol Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                                                      CD86

Organ Concerti Op. 4/1 - 4  Schmitt, organ, Stuttgart S.O.                                                                                            CD692

Organ Concerti Op. 7/1, 2, 3   Sokol Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                                                    CD85

Organ Concerti Op. 7/4, 5, 6, and in F   Sokol Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                                     CD84

Water Music, Consort of London, Robert Haydon Clark                                                                                              CD350

Water Music, Academy of St. M in F, Marriner                                                                                                           CD692

Music for the Royal Fireworks, various orchestras                                                                                                       CD350

Concerto Grosso in C, HWV318 (Alexander’s Feast), Symphony of Harmony & Invention, Harry Christophers     CD190

Concerti Grossi Op. 3 Nos. 1 & 2, Chandos Anthems Nos. 6 & 10                                                                             CD546

Concerti Grossi Op.6 Nos. 1 - 4                                                                                                                                    CD692

Coronation Anthems, Holland BOys' Choir, Willcocks                                                                                                 CD692

Dixit Dominus, Soloists, Swiss Radio Chorus, I Barocchisti, Fasolis                                                                            CD19

Messiah, King's College Choir, Brandenburg Consort, Cleobury                                                                                  CD692

Oboe concertos and sonatas, Sarah Francis, London Harpsichord Ensemble                                                                CD417

Sonata del overtura,  Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                                                                                   CD57

Suite in D minor HWV437,  Suite in G minor HWV432. Christophe Rousset, Harpsichord                                        CD602

Suite in G minor HWV432. Christophe Rousset, Harpsichord                                                                                     CD615

Zadok the Priest, BBCNO&ChorusW,  Sondergard                                                                                                      CD658



Concertos by Handel, Mozart, Krumpholz                                                                                                                   CD262/1

Concertos by Dittersdorf, Albrechtsberger, Wagenseil                                                                                                  CD262/2





Symphony No. 3, BBC SO, Grant Llewellyn                                                                                                                CD448



Symphony No. 6 (lLe matin), (Le soir), Wiener Akademie, Hasleböck                                                                         CD592

Symphony No. 22 in Eb BBC Philharmonic,  Nicholas Kraemer                                                                                  CD547

Symphony No. 26 in D minor BBC Philharmonic,  Nicholas Kraemer                                                                         CD547

Symphony No. 26 in D Minor (Lamentatione), La Petite Bande, Sigiswald Kuijken                                                   CD327

Symphony No. 46 in B, BBC SSO, Ilan Volkvo                                                                                                            CD229

Symphony No. 67 in F BBC Philharmonic,  Nicholas Kraemer                                                                                    CD547

Symphony No. 76 in Eb major, the Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood                                            CD408

Symphony No. 77 in Bb major, the Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood                                            CD408

Symphony No. 80 in D minor BBC Philharmonic,  Nicholas Kraemer                                                                         CD547

Symphony No. 94 in G (Surprise); Philharmonia Slavonica,  Scholz                                                                            CD178

Symphony No. 99 in Eb; Philharmonia Slavonica,  Scholz                                                                                            CD178

Symphony No. 100 in G,  Vienna Academy Orchestra,  Martin Haselböck                                                                 CD264

Symphony No. 101 in G (Clock); Suddeutsche Philharmonie,  Scholz                                                                         CD178

Symphony No. 103 in Eb (Drum Roll), BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                         CD454

Trumpet Concerto Eb, Alison Balsom BBCSSO, Douglas Boyd                                                                                  CD582

Sinfonia Concertante in Bb, Blankenstein (violin), Isserlis (cello), Boyd (oboe), Wilkie (bassoon), Chamber

    Orchestra of England, Roger Norrington                                                                                                                    CD235

Concerto No. 5 for King Ferdinand IV of Naples, Camerata Romana, A. Lizzio                                                          CD178

The Creation, Argenta, Kendall, George, BBC Singers, BBC PO, Christophers                                                           CD 118/9

Organ Concerti in C, C, C;  Hob. XVII/1-3, Klinda, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                            CD83

String Quartet in B flat  Op. 76/4 (Sunrise), Jerusalem Quartet                                                                                     CD47

String Quartets Op.9 Nos. 1 – 6, Buchberger Quartet                                                                                                   CD510

String Quartet in B minor, Op. 33 No. 1, Atrium String Quartet                                                                                   CD611

Ave Regina Caelorum,   Horak,  Vienna Chamber Choir, Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic Orch.                     CD220

Baryton Trio (for Prince Nicholas Esterhazy) (Arr. Haydn for violin, flute and cello)

             Barthold, Sigiswald and Wieland Koechen                                                                                                         CD290

Missa in Angustiaes in D minor H XXII (Nelson), Lott (s), Watkinson (c) Davies (t) Wilson Johnson (B)

             English Consort Choir, English Consort, Trevor Pinnock                                                                                 CD288

Harmoniemesse in Bb, SATB soloists, Choir and Orchestra of The Netherlands Bach Ensemble, K. Koetsveld        CD172

Mass No. 8 in C,  Solosti,  Arnold Schoeberg Chorus, Vienna Consentus Musicus, Nicholas Harnoncourt                CD616

Missa Brevis, Judith Nelson, Emma Kirkby (sops), Christchurch Cathedral Choir, Adademy of Ancient Music,

             Simon Preston                                                                                                                                                    CD392

Stabat Mater,  satb, Stuttgart Chamber Chorus,Wurtemberg Chamber Orchestra, Bernius                                          CD433

String quartets Nos, 17, 67, 77, Kodaly Quartet                                                                                                            CD501

String quartet Op.64 No. 6, Elias String Quartet                                                                                                            CD587

Piano Sonata Hob XVI:50, Louis schwitzgebel                                                                                                              CD656

The seven last words of our Saviour at the Cross,  Nordic Chamber Choir, Kurpfalzisches Kammerorchester

   Mannheim, Nicol Matt                                                                                                                                                CD509




The Estuary,  Jonathan Lemalu, Roger Vignoles                                                                                                            CD333




Mathis der Maler,  Philharmonia,  Silvestri                                                                                                                    CD204

Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes by Weber,  BBC Philharmonic,  Tortelier                                                     CD204

Konzertmusik Op. 50, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Herbert Blomstedt                                                         CD226

Tuttifanchen (excerpts) S.W. German Radio Orchestra of Kaiserslautern, Grzegor Nowak                                         CD221



Pavan (Infernum), Galliard (The Tears of the Muses);  Hesperion XXI, conductor Savali (viol)                                 CD361




The Planets, Mitchell Choir, London Philharmonic, Boult                                                                                            CD5

The Planets, BBCSO, Boult                                                                                                                                           CD624

Mars, from The Planets, BBC NOW Sondergard                                                                                                          CD663

Six Choruses for Male Voices, A Dirge for Two Veterans*, Baccholian Singers of London, English Chamber

          Orchestra (*Philip Jones Brass Ensemble)                                                                                                           CD281

St. Paul’s Suite, A Fugal Concerto,  Brook Green Suite, A Somerset Rhapsody, The Perfect Fool;   English

          Chamber Orchestra, Yehudi Menuhin,  Ian Humphris                                                                                         CD281

Hammersmith, Op. 52, LSO, Richard Hickox                                                                                                                CD374

A Moorside Suite, Grimethorpe Colliery Band, Elgar Howarth                                                                                    CD374

Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda and other pieces, BBC Singers, Justin Doyle                                                          CD407



Une Cantate de Noel, soloists, organ, BBC Singers & Concert Orch, Choir of King’s College Cambs, S. Cleobury    CD296

Hommage a Ravel                                                                                                                                                           CD690


Howells Three Carol-Anthems Norman (tenor) BBC Singers, St. Paul's Choristers, Brough                                       CD580




Missa Solemnis, Te Deum, satb, Tower Voices NZ, NZ Symphony Orchestra, Uwe Grodd                                      CD466

Mandolin Concerto in G, Stephens, London Mozart Players,  Shelley                                                                         CD193

Trumpet Concerto Eb, Alison Balsom BBCSSO Stefan Solyom                                                                                   CD582



Overture: Hansel and Gretel,  BBC Philharmonic, Gamba                                                                                             CD135





Paris Suite, Harmony Ensemble of New York, Richman                                                                                               CD429



Caucasian Sketches, BBC PO, Glushenko                                                                                                                     CD129



Central Park in the Dark,  BBC SO,  Lawrence Foster                                                                                                                                         



Sea Fever, Jonathan Lemalu, Roger Vignoles                                                                                                                  CD333

Piano Concerto in Eb; Stott, BBCSO Andrew Davis                                                                                                     CD527

Epic March, London Philharmonic, Sir Henry Wood                                                                                                    CD527





Glagolitic Mass,                                                                                                                                                              CD 102

Glagolitic Mass, Slovak Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Ladislav Slovak                                                                CD 318

Glagolitic Mass, BBC NO&CW, Bristol Choral Society, Hickox                                                                                 CD536

Sinfonietta,  BBC Philharmonic,  Noseda                                                                                                                       CD206

Sinfonietta, BBC Phil, Mackerras                                                                                                                                  CD536

Violin Concerto (Pilgramage of the soul), Thomas Zehetmair, Philharmonia, Heinz Holliger                                       CD376

Taras Bulba;  Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Mackerras                                                                                CD239

Prelude (1st act, The House of the Dead), Pro Arte Orchestra, Charles Mackerras                                                       CD329

Prelude, the Makropulos Affair, Pro Arte Orchestra, Charles Mackerras                                                                     CD377

Violin Concerto “Pilgrimage of the Soul”, (incomplete, arr. Leos Faltus, Milos Stedrona),

   Thomas Zehetmair, Philharmonia Orchestra, Heinz Holliger                                                                                      CD376


John IV, King of Portugal

Crux Fidelis, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Mark Brown                                                                                                         CD217



Agonia de Christo, Calvi (alto), Ensemble “Concerto”, Roberto Gini                                                                           CD414


Josquin Desprez

Memor esto verbi tui,  Oxford Camerata,  Summerley                                                                                                   CD485



Various; Humphrey Littleton, Ottilie Patterson                                                                                                            CD103

Modern Jazz Quartet, Dave Brubeck                                                                                                                             CD 128





Cello Concerto No. 2, Op. 77, Steven Isserlis, BSO, Karabits                                                                                      CD607



Symphony No. 2 BBC PO, Jarvi                                                                                                                                   CD92



Trade Winds,  Jonathan Lemalu, Roger Vignoles                                                                                                           CD333




Intermezzo from “In a Persian Market”,  Ketelby Concert Orchestra, Ketelby, (1928)       CD277



Piano Concerto,  Jean Paul Thibaudet, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop                                         CD227

Ballet Suites: Gayaneh, Spartacus, Masquerade, RPO, Simonov                                                                                  CD123

Symphony No. 3, Triumphal Poem, BBC SO, Glushenko                                                                                            CD129

Sabre Dance (Gayaneh), 2 pianos:- John Ogden, Brenda Lucas (Mrs. O.)                                                                    CD327



An introduction by Madam Kodaly to:- An Ode - The Musicmakers,  and A Summer Evening,

   Oxford Orchestra da Camera & Choir, Williams                                                                                                 CD374

Theatre Overture (arranged by Kodaly from the Hary Janos overture), New York Philharmonic, Kurt Masur           CD228

Budivari Te Deum, Andor, Szirmay, Reti, Gregor (satb), Budapest S.O., Hungarian R/TV Chor., Ferencsik              CD187

Psalmus Hugaricus; Illusfalvy (t), Russian State Academic Choir, USSR State Symphony Orch. Igor Markevitch    CD300

Peacock Variations, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Solti                                                                                             CD311



Violin Concerto in D Op.35, Andrew Haveron, BBCSO Belohlavek                                                                            CD577



Symphony in C minor,  Camerata Salzburg,  Pinnock                                                                                                   CD151



Six Moments Musicaux, Sacconi Quartet                                                                                                                       CD596




Lalo  Symphonie Espagnole, Perlman, Orchestra de Paris, Barenboim                                                                 CD568



Suite from the Incidental Music to Salome,  The Nash Ensemble, David Lloyd-Jones                                                 CD248



Requiem a 4, (with Plainchant and Antiphons),   soloists, Pro Cantione Antiqua                                                                        CD366

Requiem a 4, Magnificat & Motets;  Pro Cantione Antiqua                                                                                          CD537

Music for Easter Sunday,  soloists, Pro Cantione Antiqua                                                                                            CD366

MisMissa “Susanne un jour”; Oxford Camerata, J. Summerly

Penitential Psalm No. 6, Henry's Eight, Dir. Jonathan Brown                                                                                       CD602



Oboe Concerto in C, Bart Schneeman, Radio Chamber Orchestra, Jan Willem de Vriend                                             CD377


Lefebure Wely

Sortie in Eb and sixteen other works                                                                                                                              CD380

Bolero de Concert, Marie-Louise Jacquet-Anglais                                                                                                         CD124


Leon Cavallo

I Pagliacci, Chorus and Orchestra of Budapest Opera and Ballet Theatre                                                                     CD421



Eight Russian Folksongs Op. 58,  Philharmonia, Nikolai Malko                                                                                   CD306

The Enchanted Lake Op. 62,  Russian National Orchestra, Mikhail Pletnev                                                                CD312



Zelazowa Wola, Op. 37 (Tribute to Chopin’s birthplace): USSR State Symphony Orchestra,  Yevgeny Svetlanov   CD274



Six Bagatelles, Galliard Ensemble                                                                                                                                   CD359



Piano Concerto No. 1 in Eb,  Kampf, Bournemouth S.O. Yuasa                                                                                   CD149

Piano Concerto No. 2 in A; Nikolai Demidenko, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Martyn Brabbins                   CD291

Les Preludes,  Philharmonia,  Silvestri                                                                                                                            CD203

Legend: St Francis of Assisiis sermon to the birds, S354 No. 1, BBC Phil, Noseda                                                     CD609

Bagatelle sans tonalite, La lugubre gondola II,  Paul Lewis                                                                                            CD1

Tasso - Lamento et Trionfo,  Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Constantin Sylvestri                                            CD220

Totentanz: paraphrase on Dies Irae, S 126, BBC Phil, Noseda                                                                                     CD 609

Rhapsodies 18 and 19; Roberto Siddon, piano                                                                                                               CD302

Symphonic Poem No. 10 “Hamlet”,  A Faust Symphony; Leipzig Radio Menschoir & Gewandhaus Orch.              CD396

Symphonic Poems Nos. 5, 8 & 9,  2 Episodes from Lenau’s Faust;  Kurt Masur                                                        CD397

Symphonic Poems Nos.6 (Mazeppa), 11 (The Battle of the Huns), BBC Phil, Noseda                                              CD609

Sonata in B minor, Llyr Williams                                                                                                                                   CD422

Zwei Episoden aus Lenaus' "Faust" S110, Kirschlager, Fouchecourt, Caton,

    Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Yutaka Sado                                                                                          CD635



Missa pro defunctis, Schola Cantorum Oxford, Summerly                                                                                            CD463



Concerto for Orchestra, BBCSO, Lutoslawski                                                                                                              CD503








Burgundy Beggar’s Song,  Ave Stella Maris,  Mass;  Oxford Camerata, J. Summerly                                                  CD258

Two Virelais,  Early Music Consort of London,  David Munrow                                                                                 CD259

La Messe de Nostre Dame, Songs from Le Voir Dit, Oxford Camerata, Jeremy Summerly                                          CD468



Land of the Mountain and the Flood, BBCScottishSO, Vanska                                                                                    CD673

The Ship O' the Fiend, BBCScottishSO, Brabbins                                                                                                        CD673



Symphony No. 1 in D,  B.B.C.S.O., Honeck                                                                                                                 CD46

Symphony No. 2 in C minor,  Gustavson, Quivar, Prague Phil. Choir, Israel PO, Mehta                                            CD78

Symphony No. 3 in D minor, Wenkel, Ladies of London Philharmonic Choir, Southend Boys’ Choir

   London Philharmonic Orchestra,  Klauss Tennstedt                                                                                                   CD212

Symphony No. 4 in G, Lucia Popp, London Philharmonic Orchestra,  Klauss Tennstedt                                           CD212

Symphony No. 4 in G, Anderson, BBC SSO, Marin                                                                                                    CD77

Symphony No. 5 in C sharp minor, NY PO, Mehta                                                                                                     CD78

Symphony No. 5 in C sharp minor, Radio SO, Ljubljana, Nanut                                                                                  CD91

Symphony No. 6 in A minor,  Radio Symphony Orchestra of Ljubljana,  Anto Nanut                                               CD211

Symphony No. 6 in A minor,  BBC Philharmonic, Sir Charles Mackerras                                                                   CD393

Symphony No. 6 in A minor,  Philharmonia, Sinopoli                                                                                                  CD558

Symphony No. 7 in B minor, Chicago SO, Barenboim, 8/9/01, Royal Albert Hall                                                       CD100/1

Symphony No. 7 in B minor, Chicago SO, Abbado                                                                                                       CD484

Symphony No. 7 in B minor, BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                                         CD575

Symphony No. 8,  soloists, choruses, Opernhaus- & Museumorchester Frankfurt,  Michael Gielen                          CD210

Symphony No. 8,  soloists, choruses, BBC SSO,  Donald Runnicles                                                                           CD600

Symphony No. 9, Wiener Philharmoniker, Rattle                                                                                                          CD 15/6

Symphony No. 9 in D, BBCSSO, Runicles                                                                                                                   CD693

Symphony No. 10,  Philharmonia, Sinopoli                                                                                                                   CD558

Symphony No. 10, Simon Rattle, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra                                                                        CD674

Symphonic Prelude (1876), attrib. Mahler, Berlin RSO, Foster                                                                                    CD 126

Blumine,  CBSO,  Rattle                                                                                                                                                 CD205

Suite from Orchestral works of J. S. Bach, Berlin radio Symphony Orchestra, Ruzicka                                              CD205

Two early Wunderhorn songs, Christe Ludwig                                                                                                              CD 126

Three early songs, Fischer Dieskau                                                                                                                                CD126

Das Himmlische Leben (4th Symphony), Mahler (piano roll)                                                                                      CD127

Das Klagende Lied, Hallé Orchestra & Choir,  Nagano                                                                                                  CD486

Kindertotenlieder, Ferrier, Vienna P.O., Walter                                                                                                             CD127

Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen, Bernadette Greevy, National S. 0. Ireland, Furst                                                     CD42

Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen, Thomas Hampson, London Philharmonic, Tennstedt                                              CD494

Das Lied von der Erde, Norman, Jerusalem, Berliner Philharmoniker, Levine                                                               CD10

Das Lied von der Erde, Cargill, Botha, BBC Scottish S. O., Runnicles                                                                          CD559

Das Lied von der Erde, arr. Schoenberg for chamber orch, Haase, Sans, European Chamber Soloists                           CD538

Quartet movement in A minor (1876)                                                                                                                            CD126, 343, Quartet movement in A minor (1876)                                                                                                                                                                   CD374

Ruckert Lieder, Greevy, National S.O. Ireland, Decker                                                                                                 CD42

Totenfeier (later 2nd movement 2nd symphony), Bamberg S.O., Rickenhacher

Ich ging mit lust durch ein grünen wald,  Karneus, Vignoles                                                                                          CD203

Ablösung im Sommer,  Karneus,  Vignoles                                                                                                                     CD205

Nicht Wiedersehen,  Kirchschlager,  Deutch                                                                                                                  CD205



La Sonnerie de Sainte Genevieve du Mont de Paris, Musica Antiqua Cologne                                                             CD50

Les Folies d’Espagne (2ème Livre de pièces de viole): Mark Levy (viola da gamba), Gary Cooper (harpsichord)        CD275

Suite in B minor (2ème Livre de pièces de viole): Rolf Lislevand, Xavier Diaz Latorre (guitars/theorbos)                    CD300

Suite No. 1 in C Pièces en trio): Philidor Ensemble                                                                                                        CD299

Tombeau pour M. de Ste Colombe: Philippe Pierlot, Sophie Watillon (bass viols); Rolf Lislevand (theorbo)              CD299

Prelude en Harpègement, Fantasie, Grand Ballet, Caprice ou Sonate, Muzette; Sophie Watillon,

   Friedericke Heumann (bass viols), Xavier Diaz Latorre (guitar/theorbo), Luca Gugliemi (hpschd)                           CD302

Suite No. 1 in D (4ème Livre de pièces de viole):Jerome Hantaï, Kaori Uemura, Alex Verzier (bass viols)

    Pierre Hantaï, (harpsichord)                                                                                                                                       CD302



Concerto Grosso in F for strings and cembalo, 1 Musici                                                                                               CD104

Oboe Concerto in D minor,  J. Kiss, Ferenc Erkel Chamber Orchestra                                                                         CD166


Frescoes of Piero della Francesca, B.B.C.S.O., Belohlavek                                                                                            CD25



Messa di Gloria; Iorio Zennaro (ten), Pietro Spagnoli (bass), Alberto Galletti (Chor. Mstr),

         Ensemble Seicentonovocento, Flavio Colusso                                                                                                       CD389



Ave Verum Corpus; Westminster Cathedral Choir, Simcock (organ), O’Donnel  CD303



Sonata Reminiscenza, Gilels                                                                                                                                           CD155




La Chasse de Jeanne Henri,  Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,  Beecham                                                                         CD310



String Symphonies 1 - 13                                                                                                                                               CD142

Symphonies Nos. 1 - 5                                                                                                                                                   CD142

Symphony No. 1 C minor Op 11,  BBC SSO Tausk                                                                                                     CD694

Symphony No. 4 A Op. 90 "Italian", Pintscher                                                                                                            CD694

Symphony No. 2 in Bb, BBC NO&Chorus of Wales, Richard Hickox                                                                         CD548

Violin Concerto in D minor (1822), Zimmermann, Berlin RSO, Albrecht                                                                     CD131

Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64, Mutter, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karajan                                                              CD9

Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64,  Tasmin Little, BBC SSO, Stefan Solyom                                                              CD445

Piano concerto No. 1 in G minor Op. 25, Schiff, Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Dutoit             CD192

Piano concerto No. 2 in D minor Op. 40, Schiff, Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Dutoit             CD192

Elijah Op. 70, satb, Huddersfield Choral Society,  Royal Liverpool P.O., Sir Malcolm Sargeant                                 CD451

Overture A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Abbado                                                       CD200

Overture The Fair Melusine, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,  Beecham                                                                       CD201

Overture The Fair Melusine, BBC SSO, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                    CD229

Overture Ruy Blas,  London Symphony Orchestra, Previn                                                                                          CD201

Overture Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage,  Orchestra of the 18th Century,  Bruggen                                                 CD202

Overture Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage, Ulster Orchestra, Nicholas Braithwaite                                                   CD445

Octet in Eb Op. 20, Royal String Quartet, Psophos Quartet                                                                                         CD450

Trumpet Overture, Op. 101,  LSO,  Abbado                                                                                                                 CD199

A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Kathleen Battle, Frederica von Stade, Judi Dench, Tanglewood Festival

   Chorus, Boston Symphony Orchestra,  Seiji Ozawa                                                                                                  CD382

Die erste Walpurgistnachte, Op. 60; Brigitte Bailleys, Frieder Lang, Gilles Cachemaille, Gulbenkian Choir and

    Orchestra, Ensemble vocal and Instrumental de Lausanne, Michel Corboz                                                               CD291

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden, artists as above                                                                                                           CD291

Kyrie for choir and orchestra, artists as above                                                                                                               CD291

Five Songs without Words, Paul Lewis                                                                                                                          CD1

Thirteen Songs without Words, Andras Schiff                                                                                                               CD192

String quintet N0. 2, Elias Quartet + Broman (viola)                                                                                                     CD587

Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor Op. 49, Joshua Bell, Steven Isserlis, Denes Varjon                                                         CD607



Turangalila Symphony, BBC NOW, Thierry Fischer                                                                                                    CD455

L'Ascension, BBC Scottish SO, Jurowski                                                                                                                      CD540

La Nativité du Seigneur, Naji Hakim (organ)                                                                                                                  CD618



Cello concerto in C minor, (1945 Stalin Prize), Rostropovich, Philharmonia, Sir Malcolm Sargent                              CD377



Le Boeuf sur le Toit (1962 version),  Guidon Kramer (violin),  London Symphony Orchestra,  Chaillie                     CD206




Neujahrskonzert 1999 Wiener Philharmoniker, Maazel                                                                                                 CD20

Jussi Bjorling, Various Arias                                                                                                                                          CD8

Christmas Carols, Westminster Cathedral Choir, Simcock, O'Donnell                                                                          CD13

Christmas Carols, B.B.C. Singers, Pearce, Kay                                                                                                              CD14

Crown Imperial, Sundry music for brass bands, orchestras                                                                                           CD41

Love Sacred, Love Profane; Pieces by Caplet, Faure, Messiaen, Poulenc,

        Villette; Pearce, B.B.C. Singers, Cleobury, Jackson                                                                                               CD4

Highlights 2000: Sundry pieces, 14 different composers from Beethoven to Walton                                                   CD48

Adoramus: Sundry pieces, 21 different composers from Bach to Verdi                                                                        CD48

Sundry pieces from Wigmore Hall Centenary Celebration                                                                                             CD61

Christmas through the Ages: 15c - 20c                                                                                                                           CD58

Favourite Wartime Songs                                                                                                                                                CD70

Giuseppe di Stefano, Torna a Surriento                                                                                                                         CD71

Excerpts, new autumn 2001 CDs, various Bach - Vaughan Williams                                                                            CD94

Baroque Festival: Various Pieces Albinoni - Vivaldi                                                                                                      CD109

Music by Venetian Composers (Gabrielli, Merulo, Willaert, et al),  Concordia, Mark Levy                                        CD280



Violin Concerto, Lydia Mordkovitch, Ulster Orchestra, Vernon Handley                                                                    CD385

Cello Concerto, Raphael Walfisch, Bournemouth Symphonietta, Norman Del Mar                                                     CD385

Lonely Waters, Whythorne’s Shadow; Ulster Orchestra, Vernon Handley                                                                  CD385 



Canco i dansa  No. 4                                                                                                                                                       CD688           

Canco i dansa  No. 13                                                                                                                                                     CD688           



Huapango; BBC Concert Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya                                                                                          CD244



Mass - In Illo Tempore, Regensburg Cathedral  Choir, Gunz (organ), Strehl (violone), Schneidt (conductor)             CD191

Vespers(1610),  Arnold Schoenberg Chorus,  Consentus Musicus Wien, Harnoncourt                                                CD75

Madrigale Erotici e Spirituale, Kirkby, Tubb (sops), Nichols (alto), King, Cornwell (tens), Grant (bass)

   Michell (organ), Rooley (director and lute)                                                                                                                 CD368

Lamento d’Arianna,  Consort of Musick, Anthony Rooley                                                                                          CD305



Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra,   La Cappella Reial de Catalunya, Hesperion XXI, Savall                                                  CD215


Orff, Carl

Carmina Burana                                                                                                                                                              CD699



Ballade for violin and orchestra, Tasmin Little, BBC SSO, Martyn Brabbins                                                               CD347



Symphony No. 31 in D, K297, Philharmonia, Klemperer                                                                                             CD345

Symphony No. 32 in G, K318                                                                                                                                       CD195

Symphony No. 35 in D K385 (Haffner), Vienna Philharmonic, Kubelik                                                                      CD45

Symphony No. 36 in C K425 (Linz), Vienna Philharmonic, Kubelik                                                                            CD45

Symphony No. 36 in C K425 (Linz), BBC SO, Walter Wellercd442

Symphony No. 38 in D (Prague), Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Vaclav Talich                                                         CD233

Symphony No. 39 in Eb K543,  English Chamber Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim                                                         CD314

Symphony No. 40 in G minor, Vienna Philharmonic, Furtwangler                                                                               CD234

Symphony No. 40 in G minor, Edlinger, Mozart Festival Orch.                                                                                   CD569

Symphony No. 40 in G minor, BBC Phil, Noseda                                                                                                        CD589

Symphony No. 41 in C, K551 (The Jupiter), Camerata Salzburg,  Pinnock                                                                 CD151

Symphony No. 41 in C, K551 (The Jupiter),  Edlinger, Mozart Festival Orch.                                                           CD569

Piano Concerto No. 5 in D K175, Derek Han, Philharmonia Orchestra, Paul Freeman                                                 CD322

Piano Concerto No. 6 in Bb K238, Derek Han, Philharmonia Orchestra, Paul Freeman                                               CD322

Piano Concerto No. 9 in Eb K271: C. Eschenbach, L.P.O., C. Eschenbach                                                                   CD179

Piano Concerto No. 17 in G K453, Derek Han, Philharmonia Orchestra, Paul Freeman                                               CD322

Piano Concerto No. 19 in F K459: Ingrid Haebler, Vienna S. O., K. Melles                                                                 CD180

Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor K466:  Ingrid Haebler, Vienna S. O., K. Melles                                                     CD180

Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor K466:  Kathryn Stott, Manchester Camerata, Douglas Boyd                               CD447

Piano Concerto No. 21 in C minor K467; Shelley, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Richard Hickox                       CD282

Piano Concerto No. 21 in C minor K467; Clifford Curzon, BBCSO, Klee                                                                   CD539

Piano Concerto No. 23 K488, C. Zacharias, Dresden Staatskapelle, D. Zinman                                                           CD175

Piano Concerto No. 23 K488, Clifford Curzon, BBC Northern SO, Hurst                                                                   CD539

Piano Concerto No. 24 K491, Kempf, Bamberg S.O., Leitner                                                                                       CD150

Piano Concerto No. 27 in Bb K271: C. Eschenbach, L.P.O., C. Eschenbach                                                                CD179

Piano Concerto in Eb for four hands, Collins, Tinney, BBC Ulster Orchestra, Furst                                                   CD190

Concerto for 3 pianos K242, Toradze, Wolfensohn, Gergiev, Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, Gergiev              CD236

Violin concerto No. 3 in G K216,  Arthur Grumiaux, L.S.O., Colin Davis                                                                    CD225

Violin Concerto No. 4 in D, K 218, Priya Mitchel, BBCSSO, Ilan Volkov                                                                   CD345

Violin Concerto No. 4 in D, K 218, Hilary Hahn BBCSO Andre Davis                                                                       CD577

Violin Concerto No. 5 in A K219 (Turkish): Antje Weithaas, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Christian Gansch CD300

Violin Concerto No. 5 in A K219 (Turkish): Jennifer Pike, BBC NOW, Garry Walker                                              CD676

Flute Concerto No. 2 in D K314,  Beynon, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Maksymiuk                                   CD193

Flute and Harp Concerto in C, K299                                                                                                                             CD676

Oboe Concerto in C, K314, Rombeau, Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra                                                                 CD200

Clarinet Concerto in A, K 622; D. Peck, Houston Symphony Orchestra, C. Eschenbach                                            CD174

Bassoon Concerto in Bb, K 191; B. Kamins, Houston Symphony Orchestra, C. Eschenbach                                     CD174

Horn Concerto No. 2 in Eb, Tuckwell, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Marriner                                               CD199

Horn Concerto No. 3 in Eb, Tuckwell, English Chamber Orchestra, Tuckwell                                                             CD200

Horn Concerto No. 4 in Eb K495, Tuckwell,  Philharmonia                                                                                          CD202

Horn Concerto No. 4 in Eb K495, 3rd mvt, Thorpe, BBC NOW Sondergard                                                               CD653

Sinfonia Concertante in Eb,  Huggett violin, Beznosiuk viola, Portland Baroque Orchestra, Huggett                           CD228

Requiem K626, soloists, BBC SO & Chorus,  Jiri Belohlavek                                                                                      CD442

Mass in C minor,  SATB soloists, Suddeutscher Madrigalchor, Orch. der Ludwigsberger Festspiele, Gonnenwein    CD173

Mass in C minor,  K427 (417a) SSTB soloists BBCSO and Chorus, Robertson                                                          CD589

Serenade in G K525 (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), Vienna Phil., Kubelik                                                                          CD45

Serenade in G (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik): The English Consort, Andrew Manze                                                         CD294

Masonic Funeral Music K477, New Philharmonia, Rafael Kubelik                                                                              CD237

String 4tet in Bb K458 (Hunt), Quartetto Itliano                                                                                                           CD56

String quintet in G minor, K516, Elias String Quartet, Malin Broman                                                                          CD623

Trio in Eb K498, Palmer, Phelps, Han                                                                                                                           CD59

Kegelstatt Clarinet Trio, De Peyer, Aronowitz, Crowson     CD175

Haffner March for Orchestra in D,  K249, Orch. de Chambre de Geneve,  Fischer                                                      CD138

Exsultate Jubilate, Orgonasova, Salzburg Mozarteum, Karpmann                                                                                CD151

Operatic Arias; A. Murray, T. Allen, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, R. Armstrong, R. Leppard                                  CD175

Ridente la Calma K152 (after Myslivicek),  Abendempfindung K523, Elly Ameling                                                   CD195

Overture: The Magic Flute,  Philharmonia, Rudolf Kempe                                                                                           CD242

Overture: The Magic Flute,  BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                                           CD454

Overture: The Marriage of Figaro,  Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, Yevgeni Mravinsky                                        CD259

String Quintet in D K593,  Szymanowski Quartet, Lawrence Power (viola)                                                                CD250

German Dance in Bb K600 No. 3, North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Gunther Wand                                  CD251

German Dance in D K600 No. 6, North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Gunther Wand                                   CD252

Three German Dances, Vienna Academy Orchestra, Martin Haselböck                                                                       CD254

Church Sonatas in C K328, in C K336,  Butt (organ) Ensemble Ptarmigan                                                                   CD251

Church Sonatas, Bohuslav Matousek (violin), Collegium Jaroslav Tuma                                                                      CD418

Andante in F for mechanical organ K616, Butt, Ensemble Ptarmigan                                                                            CD253

Divertimento on F  K138:  The English Consort, Andrew Manze                                                                                CD294

Rondo in C  K373, Isaac Stern, English Chamber Orchestra, Alexander Schneider                                                       CD310

Concert Arias, Sally Matthews, BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                                     CD454




Songs and Dances of Death (Orch. Shostakovich; Ed. Abbado), Kotcherga (bass), Berlin P. O., Abbado                    CD234

A Night on the Bare Mountain  BBC NOW Sondergard                                                                                               CD662

A Night on the Bare Mountain (Original 1867 version),  BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Grant Llewellyn           CD246

Overture to Khovanschina (Daybreak over the Moscow river),(Arr. Shostakovich), BBC NOW, Fischer                  CD278



Symphony No. 15 in D minor, Op. 38                                                                                                                          C D512

Symphony No. 27 in C minor, Op. 85

Serenade in Eb, Op. 32, No. 1





Violin Concerto in D, Milan Chamber Orchestra, Rossi                                                                                                CD231



In Passione Positus,  Pro Cantione Antiqua, Turner                                                                                                      CD215



Symphony No. 1 in G minor, Op. 7, BBC SO,  Vanska                                                                                                CD131

Symphony No. 1 in G minor, Op. 7, Ulster Orchestra, Janos Furst                                                                             CD453

Symphony No. 3 (Sinfonia Espansiva), BBCSO,  Vaanska                                                                                           CD133

Symphony No. 4 (The Inextinguishable), BBC NOW, Sakari                                                                                       CD63

Symphony No. 5  BBCSO,  Vaanska                                                                                                                             CD135

Symphony No. 5  BBC NOW, Thomas Sondergard                                                                                                      CD627

Symphony No. 6 (Sinfonia Semplice), Danish National Orchestra,  Herbert Blomstedt                                              CD235

Clarinet Concerto, Plane, BBC NOW, Otaka                                                                                                                 CD63

Wind Quintet, Galliard Ensemble                                                                                                                                   CD359



Eternal Longing,  BBC Symphony Orchestra,  Jiri Belohlavek                                                                                      CD283





Missa L’homme armé, Ave Maria, Alma Redemptor Mater, Oxford Camerata, Summerley



Carmina Burana, Simi Choir and Boys Choir, Tsibilisi Symphony Orchestra, Jansug Kakhidze                                 CD399



Various composers, Dutch organ at Eton College (Werkmeister tuning), Hurford                                                        CD 128

Historic organs of Europe (Oryx EXP5, 33 1/3rpm)                                                                                                     CD101

Klais organ in Bath Abbey, Peter King                                                                                                                          CD488

Abbey aux Hommes, Choers et Orgues de Saint Etienne                                                                                               CD483

Abbey aux Hommes, Cavaille-Coll Orgue, concert of 1885, Rieunnier                                                                  CD480

Works by Brixi, Janacek, and others, Vaclav Uhlir, organ of  St. Michael’s, Kraliky                                                    CD519

Works by Corelli, Handel and others, John Wellington, 1795 Seede organ, Lulworth Castle Chapel                           CD520

The Bamboo  Organ, Manila, Tagliavini, Salarza, Oehms                                                                                              CD594

Various composers, Notre Dame de Paris                                                                                                                      CD684





Violin Concertos 1 to 6,  A. Dubach, Orchestre Phiharmonique de Mont Carlo, Sasson, Foster                                  CD169

24 Caprices, Caprice d'Adieu, Ricci                                                                                                                               CD113

24 Caprices, No. 5 in A minor, Nathan Milstein                                                                                                           CD632

I Palpiti, Op.13 (arr. Kreisler). Ruggiero Ricci, Louis Pesinger                                                                                      CD230



Hymn and Mass:Aeterna Christi Munera, Missa Brevis, Missa Lauda Sion, Mass L'Homme Arme

                Motets: Super Flumina Babylonis, Sicut Cervus, Pro Cantione Antiqua                                                      CD106

Missa Assumpta Est Maria, Missa Papae Marcelli, Pro Cantione Antiqua                                                                 CD107

Lamentations of Jeremiah I - III, Book IV, Pro Cantione Antiqua                                                                                 CD108

Stabat Mater a 8, Tallis Scholars (in Sta Maria Maggiore)                                                                                              CD197

Stabat Mater a 8, Choir of Clare College Cambridge, Baroque Brass of London, Timothy Brown                               CD405



Violin sonata in D Op. 3, Andrew Manze, Richard Eggar (harpsichord)                                                                       CD252



Harpsichord Sonata No. 11 in F, Enrico Baiano                                                                                                             CD346



A northern Ballad,  Albany S.O., Julius Hegyi                                                                                                              CD522



Elegy for Brahms, BBCSO, Sir Andrew Davis                                                                                                              CD598



Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten, BBC PO, Jarvi                                                                                                 CD92

Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten and other pieces,                                                                                               CD668


Patzak Julius

Sings Opera and Operetta                                                                                                                                               CD545



Co sa stalo prihodilo (arr. by) and Na koledu idem k vam  Hradistan Cimbalom Band, Jiri Pavlica                             CD221



Stabat Mater, Salve Regina, Kirkby, Bowman, Academy of Ancient Music, Hogwood                                               CD415

Stabat Mater, Marshall, Hodgson, Mainz Chamber Orchestra, Gunter Kehr                                                               CD433

Stabat Mater, Choristers of New College Oxford, Academy of Ancielt Music, Higginbottom                                     CD440

Concertino No. 1 in G,  Josef Suk (violin), Suk Chamber Orchestra,  Julius Karr-Bertoli                                            CD242



Viderunt omnes, BBC Singers, Endymion Ensemble, Stephen Cleobury                                                                      CD252



Tangazo;  BBC Concert Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya                                                                                            CD244




Nocturna; BBC Concert Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya                                                                                           CD244



Concerto for Organ Strings and Timpani,  Houssart,  BBC Phillharmonic,  Gamba                                                      CD219

Concerto for Organ Strings and Timpani,  Weir, BBCSO                                                                                              CD661

Concert Champetre, Brabbins,  BBC NOW                                                                                                                   CD570

Gloria,  Janice Watson, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, BBC Philharmonic, Jan Pascal Tortelier                      CD223

Gloria, Brewer, BBCSO & Chorus, Andrew Davis                                                                                                       CD540

Salve Regina, RIAS Chamber Choir, Dir. Marcus Creed                                                                                                CD246

Ave Verum Corpus, France Groupe Vocal, John Alldis                                                                                                CD252

Suite; Les Biches: Paris Conservatoire Orchestra,  Georges Prètre                                                                                CD304

Suite; Les Biches & other pieces, Philharmonia, Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre de la S des C du C de Paris, Pretre     CD395

Sinfonnietta & other pieces, Philharmonia, Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre de la S des C du C de Paris, Pretre             CD395

Trois Mouvements Perpetuels,  Pascal Roger                                                                                                                CD312

Pastourelle, Trois mouvements perpetueles, Concerto for two pianos                                                                         CD690



Six dances from Terpsichore, Collegium Terpsichore, Neumeyer                                                                                  CD105



Symphony No. 1 “Classical”,  BBCSO,  A. Davis                                                                                                        CD201

Symphony No. 5 in Bb, Op. 100,  Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner                                                                   CD199

Symphony No. 5 in Bb, Op. 100, BBC Philharmonic,  Gianandrea Noseda                                                                 CD255

Violin Concerto No. 2 G minor Op.63, Robert Soetens BBCSO Sir Henry Wood                                                       CD578

Violin Sonata No. 2 inD Op. 94, James Ehnes, Andrew Armstrong                                                                              CD578

Alexander Nevsky Op. 78,  Irina Gelahova (mezzo), Stanislavsky Chor. Russian State S. O. Dmitri Yablonsky       CD316

Romeo and Juliet Suites No. 1 Op. 64bis, No. 4 Op. 64ter, No. 3 Op. 101; Royal Scottish National Orch., Jarvi      CD181

Romeo and Juliet Suites (ex cerpts), BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                               CD447

Romeo and Juliet (highlights) Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Solti                                                                               CD490

Cinderalla (highlights)  Cleveland Orchestra, Ashkenazy                                                                                              CD490

Peter and the Wolf, Attenborough, B.B.C. Philharmonic 0rch., Tortelier                                                                      CD44

Suite: The Love of Three Oranges, Philadelphia Orchestra,  Eugene Ormandy                                                             CD257

Suite: Semyon Kotko, USSR Radio & TV SO, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky                                                                    CD353

Suite: Cinderella No. 1, Royal Liverpool P.O., Vasily Petrenko                                                                                    CD608

Russian Overture Op. 72,  BBC Philharmonic,  Neeme Jarvi                                                                                        CD253

War and Peace (excerpts), BBC Philharmonic,  Gianandrea Noseda                                                                              CD255

PusPushkiniana, (ed. G. Rozhdvensky), Russian State Symphony Orchestra, Dmitri Yablonsky       CD316

Two Pushkin Waltzes: Ulster Orchestra, Alexander Anissimov                                                                                   CD288

Music to Shakespeare’s Hamlet Op. 77, Russian State Symphony Orchestra, Dmitri Yablonsky                              CD316

Ivan the Terrible Op. 116, Russian State Symphony Orchestra, Dmitri Yablonsky                                                     CD316

Childrens’ Suite “A Summer’s Day”, Ulster Orchestra,  Rumon Gamba                                                                      CD310



Madama Butterfly, Dal Monte, Gigli et al, Orch e Coro del teatro dell'opera di Roma, Fabritiis                                 CD555

Messa di Gloria, Preludio Sinfonico, Capriccio Sinfonico,  Orch. Nat. de l'Opera de Monte Carlo, Scimone               CD122

Il Tabarro, BBC Phil, BBC Singers, Noseda                                                                                                                  CD542

Crisantemi, LSO, Pappano                                                                                                                                             CD602



St. Cecilia’s Day Ode: Hail Bright Cecilia (1692), Susan Hamilton, Siri Thornhill (sop), Robin Blaze, Martin

  van der Zeijstic (c. ten), Mark Padmore (ten), Jonathan Arnold, Peter Harvey, Jonathan Brown (bas),

  Collegium Musicale, Dir. Phillippe Herreweghe                                                                                                          CD344

Birthday Ode: Come ye sons of art away;   Early Music Consort of London,  David Munrow                                  CD259

Funeral Music for Queen Mary,  Sacred Music                                                                                                             CD261/1

Songs, Incidental Music, Chaconny in G minor                                                                                                             CD261/2

  Choir of Clare College Cambs, Baroque Brass of London, soloists and instrumentalists



"unless I open the door" BBC NOW, Atherton                                                                                                             CD527







Symphony No. 1 in D minor, BBC SSO, Brabbins                                                                                                       CD278

Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Vocalise (orch version), Bolshoi S.O., Lazarev                                                               CD65

Piano Concerto No. 1 in F#minor, Andsnes, BBC SO, Andrew Davis                                                                         CD148

Piano Concerto No. 2 in C, Sultanov, LSO, M Shostakovich                                                                                        CD65

Piano Concerto No. 2 in C, Barry Douglas, Ulster Orchestra, Dworzynski                                                                 CD620

Piano Concerto No. 3 in D, Berezovsky, Philharmonia, Imbal                                                                                      CD65

Etudes Tableau (orch. Respighi), BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                                        CD361

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini,  Hough,  BBC Philharmonic,  Tortelier                                                                 CD203

Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini,  Simon Trpceski, BBCSO Sir Andrew Davis                                                        CD583

Vespers (All Night Vigil) Harris, Johnston, BBC Singers, Hill                                                                                      CD51

Scherzo for Orchestra (composed at age 13), USSR Academic SO, Y.Svetlanov                                                          CD151

The Isle of the Dead Op. 29, Boston S.O., Koussevitsky                                                                                             CD187

Symphonic Dances, Moscow P. O., Kondrashin                                                                                                           CD189

Symphonic Dances, BBCNOW, Olari Elts                                                                                                                    CD620

Sonata No.2 in Bb minor, Op 36; Polka de VR, Wladimir Horowitz                                                                             CD629



Symphony No. 4 in G minor  Slovak State PO  Schneider                                                                                            CD133



Complete works for harpsichord, Trevor Pinnock                                                                                                         CD550

Fifth Concert (Pièces de Clavecin en Concert): Katy Bircher (flute), Mark Levy (viola da gamba),

    Gary Cooper (harpsichord)                                                                                                                                        CD275

Quam Dilecta; Daneman, Rime (sops), Agnew (ten), Rivenq (bar), Cavallier (bas), Les Arts Florisont, Christie        CD232

Three Pieces from Les Fêtes d’Hébé,  Orchestra of the 18th Century, Frank Bruggen                                                  CD258



Piano Concerto (left hand),  Maisenberg, Vienna S.O., Fedoseyev                                                                                CD150

Piano Concerto in G, BBC NOW, Roth, Collard                                                                                                           CD529

Valses Nobles et Sentimentales,  BBCSO  Davis  1998 USA Tour                                                                               CD132

Valses Nobles et Sentimentales,  BBCSO, Thierry Fischer                                                                                           CD332

La Valse, BBC Philharmonic, Tortelier                                                                                                                          CD132

Jeux,  New Philharmonia, Boulez                                                                                                                                   CD329

Introduction and Allegro for flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet       CD150

Rhapsodie Espagnole                                                                                                                                                      CD177

Daphnis and Chloe,  Royal Opera House Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra, Pierre Monteux                             CD223

Suite: Ma Mere l’Oye, BBC.S.O., Watkins                                                                                                                   CD237

Le Tombeau de Couperin,  Vlado Perlemutter                                                                                                               CD279

Rhapsodie Espagnole,  BBC NOW, Otaka                                                                                                                    CD285

L’heure Espagople, soloists, BBC Philharmonic, Noseda                                                                                              CD285

Three Songs: Don Quichotte a Dulcinee, Christopher Maltman (bar), BBCSO, Thierry Fischer                                 CD332

Tzigane, Jeanette and Jean Neveu                                                                                                                                  CD429

Gaspard de la Nuit, Tiberghien                                                                                                                                       CD475

Sonatine and other pieces, Arturo Pizarro                                                                                                                      CD576



The Christmas Tree op. 21,  Shura Cherkassky                                                                                                             CD257



Choral Fantasias (complete) Wouter van den Broek, organ                                                                                           CD513



Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No. 2, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Marriner                                                 CD193

The Fountains of Rome; North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos                              CD239

The Fountains of Rome; BBC NOW, Tadaaki Otaka                                                                                                    CD460

The Pines of Rome; BBC Philharmonic, Edward Downes                                                                                             CD361

The Pines of Rome; BBC NOW, Tadaaki Otaka                                                                                                           CD460

Roman Festivals; National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Vasily Petrenko                                                            CD608

The Birds, BBC Philharmonic, Patrick Thomas                                                                                                             CD460

L’Adorazione dei Magi: BBC Singers and Concert Orchestra, Choir of King’s College Cambs, Stephen Cleobury     CD296

Church Windows, Impressioni brasiliane, Rossiniana: Suite for Orchestra,  Buffalo PO, Falletta                                CD571



Mass for double choir, in Eb, Op. 109, Martin (organ), Choir of Westminster Cathedral, Baker.                                CD458



Symphonic Suite “Antar” (Symphony No. 2): Suisse Romande, Ernest Ensermet                                                       CD290

Suite: The Snow Maiden; BBC Philharmonic, Vasily Sinaisky                                                                                     CD386

Capriccio Espagnole Op.34, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Ancerl                                                                             CD234



Concierto de Aranjuez,  Ogden, BBC SSO, Masson                                                                                                      CD148

Concierto de Aranjuez,  Ulster Orchestra, Adrian Leaper                                                                                             CD416

Five pieces from Villancicos y Canciones de Navidad,  Ana Ibarra, Gregorio Poblador, RTVE Chous and

   Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Garcia Asensio                                                                                                           CD221

Fantasia para un gentilhombre   Eduardo Fernandez                                                                                                      CD238



Petite Messe Solennelle, soloists, pianos, harmonium                                                                                                   CD66

Stabat Mater, soloists, Ambrosian Singers, I Solisti Veneti                                                                                           CD66

Overture William Tell: Philharmonia, Carlo Maria Giulini                                                                                             CD291

Overture William Tell: World Orchestra for Peace, Solti,

Overture Barber of Seville, Halle Orchestra, Markus Stenz                                                                                           CD328

Overture La Scala di Seta,  BBC NOW, Richard Hickox                                                                                                CD361

Overture Semiramide,  Amsterdam Concergebouw, Edward van Beinum                                                                      CD362

L'Italiana in Algeri, Act 1, Berganza et al, Orchestra e Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Varviso                        CD557

Elisabetta regina d'Inghilterra, Act 1, Caballe, Carreras, Masterson, LSO, Masini                                                        CD554




A Prelude to Julius Caesar,  Munich Radio Orchestra, Sebastian Weigle                                                                      CD361



Bacchus et Ariadne, Suite No. 2,  BBC NOW, Walter Weller                                                                                       CD525



Symphony No. 5, Op. 63, BBC NOW, Hickox                                                                                                             CD524

Symphony No. 8, Op. 132, BBC NOW, Hickox                                                                                                           CD524

Ode to the Queen, Op 83, BBC NOW, Hickox                                                                                                             CD524






Le Retour, Tombeau "les Regrets"                                                                                                                                 CD50



Concerti in C, No. 1, in A No.2; Op.5, Takako Nishizaki, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Muller-Bruhl                       CD465

Concerto in G, Op. 8, Takako Nishizaki, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Muller-Bruhl                                                 CD465

Cello concerto No. 1 A minor, Op. 33, Brantelid, BBC Phil., Mena                                                                             CD588


Saint Saens

Symphony No. 3 in C minor Op. 78, Goode, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Alsop                                                                  CD37

Violin Concerto No. 1 in A, Ulf Hoelscher, New Phioharmonia, Pierre Devaux                                                           CD362

Piano Concerti 1, 2, 4, Gabriel Tachino, Orchestra of Radio Luxembourg, Louis de Froment                                      CD412

Piano Concerto No. 2, Stott, B.B.C. Philharmonic, Alsop                                                                                            CD37

Cello Concerto No 1 in A minor, Steven Isserlis, L.S.O., Michael Tilson Thomas                                                       CD233

Mass, Op. 4, (arr. for two organs & choir) Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne, Michel Corboz                                           CD400

Danse Macabre, Vienna S.O., Fedoseyev                                                                                                                       CD150

Havanaise Op. 83, Leonid Kogin (violin), Boston Symphony Orchestra, Pierre Monteux                                           CD235



Stabat Mater, Caterina Calvi, Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble “Concerto”, Roberto Gini                                              CD414



Caprice Basque Op. 24, Ilya Gringolts violin, Ashley Wass piano,                                                                              CD224

Introduction and Tarantelle Op.43, Ivry Gitlis (violin), Shuku Iwasaki (piano)                                                           CD315



Early Works, Gianini-Rima                                                                                                                                            CD543

Parade,  New London Orchestra,  Corp                                                                                                                         CD254

Parade, BBCSO, Porcelijn                                                                                                                                              CD525

Gnossiennes, Gymnopedies and other pieces, Peter Lawson (piano), Angela Brownridge (piano)                              CD337

Gnossiennes 1, 3, 5, Gymnopedie 1, 2, 3, Sports et divertissements, Queffelec                                                           CD690




Sinfonia di Concerto grosso No.2 in C minor Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                                            CD57

Sonatas Kirkpatrick Nos. 1 - 48, Belder harpsichord                                                                                                     CD120

Sonata Kirkpatrick No. 3 in A minor, 208 & 209 in A major,  G Leonhard, harpsichord                                             CD135

Sonata Kirkpatrick No. 19 in F minor, 406 in C, 113 in A, Ruzickova, harpsichord                                                    CD148

Sonata Kirkpatrick Nos. 49 – 98 Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord           CD324

Sonata Kirkpatrick No. 175 in A minor, R. Puyana, harpsichord                                                                                  CD135

Sonata Kirkpatrick Nos. 188 - 229 Pieter-Jan Belder, harpsichord                                                                               CD324

Sonata Kirkpatrick No. 423 in C, Wanda Landowska, harpsichord                                                                               CD146

Te Deum: Choir of King’s College Cambs, Ashley Grote (organ), Stephen Cleobury                                                  CD289

Stabat Mater, BBC Songers, soloists, Harry Christophers                                                                                            CD440

Sonatas Kk127, 466, 184, 101,  Vladimir Horowitz                                                                                                      CD629



Three suites from the Banchetto Musicale, Collegium Terpsichore, Neumeyer                                                            CD 105



Sonata a 3: La Carioletta                                                                                                                                                 CD345



Sinfonie Nr. 1 E Dur, MDR Sinfonieorchester, Fabio Luisi                                                                                           CD499

Das Buch mit Sieben Siegeln, (sattbb), Chor & Symphoneiorchester des Bayerische Rundfunks, Welser-Most         CD457





Verklarte Nacht   BBCSO  Runnicles                                                                                                                             CD134

Weinachts Musik,  Ensemble Stanislaus                                                                                                                        CD311



Symphony No.2 in Bb:  Staatskapelle, Dresden,  Sawallisch                                                                                        CD275

Symphony No. 3 in D, BBC Scottish Orchestra, Ilan Volkov                                                                                       CD229

Symphony No. 4 in C minor (Tragic): Berlin Philharmonic,  Karajan                                                                           CD276

Symphony No. 4 in C minor (Tragic): BBC Philharmonic, Noseda                                                                              CD652

Symphony No. 5 in Bb D485:  Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra,  Georg Solti                                                               CD276

Symphony No. 5 in Bb D485: Westdeutsche Sinfonia, Dirk Joeres                                                                              CD687

Symphony No. 6  Westdeutsche Sinfonia, Dirk Joeres                                                                                                 CD687

Symphony No. 8 in B minor (unfinished): Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini                      CD299

Symphony No. 9,  BBC Scottish Orchestra, Yuasa                                                                                                       CD160

Symphony No. 10 (realised Newbold), Academy of St. M in F, Marriner                                                                   CD126

Mass in Bb Op. 141 D324, Magnificat in C D486, (satb) Freiburger Domsingknaben, Sinfonieorchester

   Des Sudwest Rundfunks Baden Baden, R. Hug                                                                                                          CD171

Piano Quintet in A Op.114 D667 (Trout), Helmschen (piano), Ibragimova, Tamestit, Poltera, Cabrera                     CD450

Octet in F (D803), Collins & friends                                                                                                                              CD39

Piano Sonata in A minor, Paul Lewis                                                                                                                             CD1

Piano Sonata in A, D959, Piemontesi                                                                                                                             CD623

Piano Sonata No. 16 in A minor D845  Louis Schwitzgebel                                                                                          CD656

Fantasy in C D760 (Wanderer), Llyr Williams (piano)                                                                                                  CD422

Impromptus in Db, Gb, Ab Cherkassky                                                                                                                        CD56

Lieder, Fischer-Dieskau, Moore             CD73

Six Moments Musicaux, J. Menuhin                                                                                                                              CD138

Gretchen am Spinrade, Im Fruhling, Seligkeit,  Elly Ameling                                                                                         CD195

Gretchen am Spinrade, Kriegers Ahnung (Schwanagesang) Das Wandern (Die Schone Mullerin) (arr. for

   piano by Liszt), Vladimir Viado                                                                                                                                  CD391

Die Junge Nonne D828, Ave Maria D827;  Erna Berger (soprano) Michael Raucheisen (piano)                                 CD230

Gesang der Geister uber den Wassern D714, Monteverdi Choir, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Gardiner                CD235

Der Hirt aus dem Felsen  D965  Arlene Auger,  Theo King,  G. Johnson                                                                     CD238

Quartetsatz in C minor D703: Szymanowski Quartet                                                                                                   CD287

Quartetsatz in C minor D703: Elias Quartet                                                                                                                  CD587

Der Wanderer an den Mond, Auf der Donau, Der Schiffer, Der Wanderer, Jonathan Lemalu, Roger Vignoles             CD333

Rendering (Schubert/Berio), Houston Symphony Orchestra, Eschenbach                                                                    CD430

German Dances (orch. Anton Webern), Members of the Columbia Symphony Orch. Robert Craft                            CD470

Winterreise, D911, Patzak, Demus                                                                                                                                CD544

Winterreise, D911, Henk Neven (bar), Hans Eijsackers (piano)                                                                                    CD680



Zwickau” Symphony in G minor (1832);  Orchestra Revolutionaire et Romantique, John Elliott Gardiner              CD240

Symphony No. 1 in Bb, New Philharmonia, Otto Klemperer                                                                                       CD226

Symphony No. 1 in Bb, BBC Philharmonic, Geanandrea Noseda                                                                                 CD652

Symphony No. 2 in C Op.61, BBC Philharmonic, Geanandrea Noseda                                                                       CD472

Symphony No. 3 (Rhenish), BBC NOW,  Walter Weller                                                                                              CD152

Symphony No. 4 in D minor,  Berlin Philharmonic,  Wilhelm Furtwangler                                                                  CD228

Symphony No. 4 in D minor,  BBC Philharmonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                                                        CD564

Piano Concerto in A minor,  Martin Helmchen, German Symphony Orchestra, Tugan Sokhiev                                  CD277

Piano Concerto in A minor Op. 54, Lars Vogt, BBC SSO, Brabbins                                                                             CD472

Cello Concerto in A minor, Johnston,  BBC Philharmonic,  Gamba                                                                              CD135

Piano quintet in Eb Op. 44, Kodaly 4tet, Jeno Jando                                                                                                    CD161

Piano works complete, Jorg Demus                                                                                                                               CD411

Overtures:   Manfred, Genoveva, BBC NOW,  Walter Weller                                                                                      CD152

Overture: Julius Caesar, BBC National Orchestra of Wales,  Porcelijn                                                                         CD329

Overture, Scherzo & Finale, Op. 52, LSO, Lawrence Collingwood                                                                               CD344

Overture, Faust,  BBC SSO, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                                       CD439

String Quartet No. 1 in A minor, Op. 41, No. 1; The Lindsays                                                                      CD595,  CD387

Konzertstuck in F for 4 horns Op 86, Orchestre Revolutionaire et Romantique, J. E. Gardiner                                  CD154

Konzertstuck in F for 4 horns Op 86,  BBC Philharmonic, Mackerras                                                                         CD564

Requiem for Mignon,  C. O. E., Abbado                                                                                                                        CD154

Adagio and Allegro in Eb Op. 70, Pyatt (horn), Nikolitch (piano)                                                                                CD154

Papillons, Op. 2,  Jonathan Biss                                                                                                                                    CD370

Widmung, Der Nussbaum, Meine Rose, Requiem; Emma Bell (sop), Jonathan Biss (piano)                                       CD370

Fantastucke, Op. 73;  Martin Frost (clar), Jonathan Biss (piano)                                                                                 CD370

Piano Quintet in Eb, Op. 44;  Jonathan Biss (piano), Jerusalem Quartet                                                                      CD370

Carnaval, Op.9,  Claudio Arrau                                                                                                                                      CD617

Kinderszenen Op.15 Nos 5 - 17  Wladimir Horowitz                                                                                                   CD629

Etudes Symphoniques Op 13  Sviatoslav Richter                                                                                                          CD677

Song Settings of Ruckert, Robert and Clara,                                                                                                                   CD685



Magnificat, Soloists and Spandauer  Kantorei                                                                                                                CD 105

Ten Motets;  Pro Cantione Antiqua, Edgar Fleet                                                                                                           CD367



Symphony No. 1 Op.26, Ludmilla Ivanova (mezzo), Mikhail Agafonov (ten), Moscow Capella, Moscow

            Symphony Orchestra, Igor Golovschin                                                                                                              CD335

Symphony No. 2,  The Poem of Ecstasy,  BBC Philharmonic,  Sinaisky                                                                     CD165

Symphony No. 3, The Divine Poem, Concertgebouw,  Kondrashin                                                                             CD218

Reverie Op. 24, Scottish National Orchestra,  Jarvi                                                                                                       CD207

Prelude for Orchestra (Reverie) Op.24, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Igor Golovschin                                           CD335

Poemes Op 32, Nos. 1 & 2, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Igor Golovschin                                                             CD335

Etude in D# minor Op.8 No.12  Wladimir Horowitz                                                                                                     CD629



Symphony No. 1,  Vienna Symphony Orchestra,  Witold Rowicki                                                                              CD242

Symphony No. 1,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD263

Symphony No. 2,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD263

Symphony No. 3,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD263

Symphony No. 4,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD264

Symphony No. 4,  BBC Philharmonic,  Sinaisky                                                                                                          CD157

Symphony No. 5,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD265

Symphony No. 5,  BBC Symphony Orchestra,  Alexander Briger                                                                                CD247

Symphony No. 6,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD265

Symphony No. 7,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD266

Symphony No. 8,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD267

Symphony No. 8,  Moscow Philharmonic, Kondrashin                                                                                                CD219

Symphony No. 9,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                     CD268

Symphony No. 10,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                   CD268

Symphony No. 10,  BBCSO Runnicles                                                                                                                         CD657

Symphony No. 11,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                   CD269

Symphony No. 11, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Karabits                                                                               CD560

Symphony No. 12,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                   CD270

Symphony No. 13,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                   CD271

Symphony No. 14,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                   CD272

Symphony No. 15,  WDR Sinfonieorchester,  Rudolph Barshai                                                                                   CD273

Symphony No. 15,  BBCSO, Slatkin                                                                                                                             CD217

Symphony No. 15,  in A Op 141, BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                                      CD438

Piano Concerto No 2 in F, Op.102, Martin Roscoe, BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                          CD438

String Quartet No. 1 Op. 49 Atrium String Quartet                                                                                                       CD605

String Quartet No. 4 in D: Szymanowski Quartet                                                                                                         CD288

String Quartet No. 8                                                                                                                                                       CD47

String Quartet No. 11 Op. 122,  Borodin Quartet                                                                                                          CD204

String Quartet No. 11 Op. 122,  Atrium String Quartet                                                                                                 CD611

Concerto in C minor for piano, trumpet and strings. Mustonen, Balsom, Australian Chamber Orchestra,

   Tognetti, from Prom, Monday 19th August 2002.                                                                                                      CD185

Festival Overture, Op. 96: USSR State Symphony Orchestra,  Yevgeny Svetlanov                                                     CD260

Ballet Suite: The Age of Gold.  BBC S.O., Slatkin                                                                                                         CD190

Jazz Suite No.1:  City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Mark Elder                                                                    CD303

Suite from The Gadfly Op. 97a, (extracts), BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                        CD438

Lyrical Waltz (Seven Dolls' Dances), Arr. Batiashvili, Lisa Batiashvili, Bavarian RSO, Esa-Pekka Salonen                CD603

Cello Sonata in D minor, OP.40, Hakhnazaryan, Apekisheva                                                                                       CD663



Symphony No. 1 in E minor, Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                          CD28

Symphony No. 1 in E minor, Op. 39, BBC NOW, Joseph Swenson                                                                            CD453

Symphony No. 2 in D Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                                     CD29

Symphony No. 3 in C Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                                     CD30

Symphony No. 3 in C Halle, Mark Elder                                                                                                                       CD500

Symphony No. 4 in A minor Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                          CD28

Symphony No. 4 in A minor Op. 63, BBCSO, Manze                                                                                                 CD659

Symphony No. 5 in E flat Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                               CD29

Symphony No. 5 in E flat  BBC NOW, Thomas Sondergard                                                                                        CD627

Symphony No. 6 in D minor Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                          CD30

Symphony No. 6 in D minor,  BBC SSO, Segerstam                                                                                                     CD487

Symphony No. 7 in C Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                                     CD31

Symphony No. 7 in C BBC SSO, Segerstam                                                                                                                 CD487

Kullervo Symphony Op. 7, Bournemouth S.O., Bergland                                                                                             CD590

Violin Concerto, Accardo, LSO, Davis                                                                                                                           CD115

Finlandia, BBCSO Dausgaard                                                                                                                                         CE659

Finlandia,  BBC Philharmonic, Barry Wordsworth                                                                                                        CD227

The Swan of Tuonela Bournemouth S.O.,,Berglund                                                                                                      CD30

The Swan of Tuonela  BBCSO  Storgards                                                                                                                      CD159

Lemminkainen's Return Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                                   CD31

En Saga   Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                                                          CD31

En Saga   BBC SSO, Sollyom                                                                                                                                         CD487

Pelleas et Melisande (Incid. music) Bournemouth S.O., Berglund                                                                                 CD31

Incidental Music to Strindberg’s Swan White,  Op. 54                                                                                                  CD132

Academic March, Cantata for the Conferment Ceremony of 1894, Andante Festivo, Coronation Cantata,

  Finlandia. Isokoski (sop.), Kotekangas (bar.), Helsinki Phil. Orch., Finnish Phil. Choir, Segerstam                           CD183

Finlandia, BBC Philharmonic, Barry Wordsworth                                                                                                         CD227

TapTapiola: BBC national Orchestra of Wales, Joseph Swenson         CD260

Spring Song,  BBC S.O., Knussen                                                                                                                                  CD194

Pohjola’s Daughter,  BBCS.O., Mann                                                                                                                            CD194

Night Ride and Sunrise, CBSO, Rattle                                                                                                                           CD154

Two Christmas Songs Op. 1 (arr. Yrjo Hjelt) Lilli Paasikivi, Niels Burgmann, Finnish Brass Symphony,  Lintu       CD221

Luonatar,  Anu Komsi, Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Sakari Oramo                                                             CD254

Petite Suite – Prelude, Andantino, Minuet,  Royal Academy of Music Brass Soloists                                                CD314



Vltava (Die Moldau) from Ma Vlast,  L.S.O., Scholz                                                                                                    CD158

From Bohemia’s Woods and Fields (Ma Vlast), Czech Philharmonic, Vaclav Talich                                                   CD231

Overture: The Bartered Bride;  BBC NOW, David Porcelijn                                                                                         CD347


Smyth Overture: The Wreckers, National Orchestra, Gibson                                                                                       CD568



Concerto No. 1 in C,  Tan, Carolan   harpsichords                                                                                                        CD124

Concerto No. 1 in C,   Phillips,  Trotter  organs                                                                                                            CD124

Concerto No. 2 in A minor,  Phillips,  Trotter  organs                                                                                                   CD102

Sonata No. 3, Kenneth Gilbert, Trevor Pinnock, harpsichords                                                                                      CD567


Spanish Guitar Music

Pieces by Tarrega, Granados, Albeniz,Torroba, Rodrigo & trad.  Marcelo Kayath                                                      CD357



Violin Concerto in D, Suite for Violin & Orchestra, Marwood, BC SSO, Brabbins                                                      CD69

Songs of the Sea, Op 91, BBC Concert Orchestra, Barry wordsworth                                                                         CD665



Organ Concerti in E, D, Bb, C minor, C, Sokol, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Warchal                                                  CD80



Symphony No. 2,  Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Briger                                                                 CD215

Midwinter Op. 24: Gothenburg Concert Hall Choir and Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Jarvi                                      CD304

Excelsior!  Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Neemi Jarvi



Sonata di viole Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                                                                                            CD57


Strauss, Johan I and II

Waltzes, polkas etc.  Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Paulik                                                                                          CD383


Strauss R.

An Alpine Symphony, Vienna P.O., Mariss Jansons                                                                                                    CD153

Horn Concerto No. 1,  Tuckwell  London Symphony Orchestra, Kertesz                                                                   CD201

Metatmorphosen   Wiener Philharmoniker, Rattle                                                                                                         CD16

Mertamorphosen   BBCSO, Walter Weller

Also Sprach Zarathustra, Royal Concergebouw Orchestra, Haitink                                                                              CD6

Ein Heldenleben, Royal Concergebouw Orchestra, Haitink                                                                                           CD6

Tod und Verkldrung, Royal Concergebouw Orchestra, Haitink                                                                                     CD6

Till Eulenspiegel, B.B.C. Philharmonic Orchestra, Tortelier                                                                                          CD44

Till Eulenspiegel, Royal Concergebouw Orchestra, Haitink                                                                                          CD6

Don Juan, Royal Concergebouw Orchestra, Haitink                                                                                                      CD6

Rosenkavalier Suite, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Jochum                                                                                    CD6

Rosenkavalier, highlights, Soloists and BBC Scottish SO, Runnicles                                                                            CD678

Divertimento after Couperin BBC SO Gensch                                                                                                              CD87

Four Last Songs,   Lott,  BBCSO   Davis  1998 USA Tour                                                                                           CD132

Four Last Songs, Anne Schwanewilms,  The Halle Orchestra, Mark Elder                                                                   CD447

Six Songs and Arias, Christine Brewer (sop), BBCSO, Walter Weller                                                                           CD349


Strauss Family

Various Walzes etc Wiener Philharmoniker, Maazel                                                                                                      CD20

Trisch-Tratsch Polka, (Johann Strauss II)  BBC Concert Orchestra, Johannes Wildner                                               CD625



Symphony No. 2 in G minor, Op 34, BBCScottishSO, Lintu                                                                                       CD669



Symphony in C, BBCSSO. Ilan Volkov                                                                                                                         CD343

Symphony in C, Symphony in Three Movements, The song of the Nightingale, BBCSSO, Ilan Volkov                    CD375

Symphonies of Wind Instruments: Royal Academy of Music Symphonic Winds                                                       CD286

Symphony of Psalms, BBCSO & Chorus,  Andrew Davis                                                                                           CD540

The Rite of Spring,  BBCSO, Knussen                                                                                                                          CD194

The Firebird Suite (19100, BBC SSO, Ilan Volkov                                                                                                        CD599

The Firebird Suite (1911), St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy                                             CD306

Fireworks,  BBC S.O., Knussen                                                                                                                                     CD194

Suite, Pulcinella, BBC Ulster Orch., Leader                                                                                                                   CD153

Petrushka (1911), BBCSO, Boulez                                                                                                                                CD185

Petrushka, World Orchestra for Peace, Gergiev                                                                                                             CD619

Divermento; The Fairy’s Kiss: Ulster Orchestra,  Ilan Volkov                                                                                     CD289

Jeu de Cartes,  Halle Orchestra, Markus Stenz                                                                                                              CD328


Strozzi (Barbara)

Lagrimae mie, a cha vi rtrattenate,  Catherine Bott (soprano), P. Chateauneuf (chitarrone, guitar),

    T. Roberts (harpsichord), F. Kelly (double harp)                                                                                                      CD306



Macbeth Overture, Cello Concerto, Paul Watkins, BBCSO, Mackerras                                                                       CD60

Te Deum, Cahill, Phillips, London Choral Society, BBC Concert Orchestra Corp                                                       CD60



Overture, Poet and Peasant,  NBC Symphony Orchestra,  Toscanini                                                                           CD311



5 Dances from Danserye, 1551, Early Music Consort of London, David Munroe                                                       CD102



Puer Nobis Nascitur,  Gustav Leonhardt (organ)                                                                                                           CD217



Symphony No. 1 F minor Op.15, E. Marczyk (violin) M. Marczyk (viola) Warsaw P.O. Antoni Wit                      CD581

Symphony No. 2,  Detroit Symphony Orchestra,  Antal Dorati                                                                                  CD362

Symphony No. 3 (Song of the Night); 

     Stefania Woytowicz (soprano), Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, Witold Rowicki                 CD240

     John Garrison (tenor),  City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra,  Simon Rattle                                                  CD371

Symphony No. 4 (Symphonie Concertante) Broja (piano) E. Marczyk (violin) M. Marczyk (viola)

Warsaw P.O. Antoni Wit                                                                                                                                               CD581

Violin Concerto No. 1,   Takezawa                                                                                                                                CD177

Violin Sonata D minor, Op. 9, Ibragimova, Tiberghien                                                                                                  CD568

Concert Overture, BBC SSO, Sinaisky                                                                                                                          CD 102

Concert Overture Op. 12, Warsaw P.O. Antoni Wit                                                                                                     CD581

Litany of the Virgin Mary, Szmytka, CBSO, Rattle                                                                                                      CD149

Stabat Mater, Szmytka, Quivar, Connel, CBSO, Rattle                                                                                                CD605

The Fountain of Arethusa (No. 1 of Three Myths, Op. 30), Lydia Mordkovitch (violin), Marina Gusak (piano)        CD371

Hafiz’s Tomb, Op.26 No. 8,  Krystyna Rorbach, Polish National Opera Orchestra, Robert Satanowski                   CD371

Prelude No. 7, Op. 1, Martin Roscoe  (piano)                                                                                                               CD605                                                                           





Lamentations of Jeremiah, Spem in Alium, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Brown                                                                   CD121

Spem in alium, Lamentations, motets                                                                                                                             CD689

Lamentations of Jeremiah,                                                                                                                                              CD124

Gaude Gloriosa Dei Mater,  Chapelle du Roi,  Alistair Dixon                                                                                       CD247

Magnificat,  Tallis Scholars                                                                                                                                            CD251

O Nata Lux: St. Alban’s Cathedral Choir                                                                                                                       CD288

Mass for four voices,  Hilliard Ensemble, Hillier                                                                                                           CD251

Mass for four voices,  Motets, Oxford Camerata, Jeremy Summerley                                                                          CD462

O Salutaris Hostia,  Winchester Cathedral Choir, David Hill                                                                                         CD602

Various Pieces, The Cardinall's Musick, Andrew Carwood                                                                                           CD679



Study (arrangement), Recuerdos de l’Alhambra,  Julian Bream                                                                                     CD187



Violin Concertos in D, D.15; G, D.78; Bb, D.123; G, D.80; A minor, D.115.  Gordan Nikolitch,

   Orchestre d’Auvergne, Director Arie van Beck



Five Sacred Pieces, Pro Cantione Antiqua, Bruno Turner                                                                                              CD317



Symphony No. 1 in G minor "Winter Dreams" BSO, Andrew Litton                                                                          CD98

Symphony No. 1 in G minor "Winter Dreams" BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                 CD386

Symphony No. 2 in C minor "Little Russian" BSO, Litton                                                                                           CD98

Symphony No. 2 in C minor "Little Russian" BBC Philharmnonic, Gianandrea Noseda                                             CD459

Symphony No. 3 in D "Polish" D Op. 29 BSO, Litton                                                                                                 CD98

Symphony No. 3 in D "Polish" D Op. 29 BBC Philharmonic, Noseda                                                                        CD

Symphony No. 4 in F minor BSO, Litton                                                                                                                      CD98

Symphony No. 4 in F minor BBCSO Sargent                                                                                                                CD662

Symphony No. 5 in E minor BSO, Litton                                                                                                                      CD99

Symphony No. 6 in B minor BSO, Litton                                                                                                                     CD99

Manfred Symphony Op 58, BSO, Litton                                                                                                                      CD99

Piano Concerto No. 1 in Bb minor; Shura Cherkassky, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Leopold Ludwig                    CD239

Piano Concerto No. 2 G Op. 44,  Shura Cherkassky, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Krauss                        CD258

Piano Concerto No. 2 G Op. 44 (orig. version),  John Lil, BBCNOW, Walter Weller                                                  CD586

Violin Concerto in D,  Lott,  Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra,  Litton                                                                   CD205

Sleeping Beauty Ballet (excerpts) BBC Phil. Sinaisky                                                                                                   CD55

The Snow Maiden (extracts) BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky                                                                               CD386

Souvenir de Florence from SummerFest La Jolla                                                                                                          CD59

Souvenir d'un lieu Cher, No. 3, Melodie; Tasmin Little                                                                                                 CD632

Capriccio Italien BSO, Litton                                                                                                                                         CD98

Serenade for String Orchestra BSO, Litton                                                                                                                     CD98

Serenade for Strings, Op. 48,  London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Jurowski                                                      CD494

Polonaise from Eugene Onegin BSO, Litton                                                                                                                   CD98

The Tempest Op. 18, BSO, Litton                                                                                                                                CD99

The Tempest Op. 18,  Danish National Orchestra,  G. Albrecht                                                                                  CD260

Hamlet Fantasy Overture, BBC Philharmonic,  Vassily Sinaisky                                                                                 CD495

Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, BSO, Litton                                                                                                         CD99

Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, Danish National Orchestra,  G. Albrecht                                                            CD260

Voyevoda Op. 78, USSR Symphony Orchestra, Svetlanov                                                                                          CD207

Variations on a Rococo Theme Op. 33 (Original version with 8th variation),  Gutman, BBCSO,  Sinaisky                  CD218

Melodrama, Dance of the Tumblers: (The Snow Maiden), BBCSO,  Sinaisky                                                             CD218

Ballet Suite; The Nutcracker: Philharmonia, Igor Markevitch                                                                                        CD302

Overture: The Storm, Philharmonia, Von Matacic (not published by the composer, theme used in 1st Symphony)    CD329



Violin sonata Op. 14,                                                                                                                                                      CD686



Tafel Musik   (excerpts)                                                                                                                                                 CD136

The Muscovite (The Great Bells of the Kremlin) from Suite Les Nations                                                                    CD102

Concerto in D minor for two chaluneaux & strings  Hoeprich, Klewitt, Musica Antiqua Koln                                    CD238

Oboe Conceros, Vol. 1,  Sarah Francis, London Harpsichord Emsemble                                                                       CD517

Overture Jointe d’Une Suite Tragie-Comique: Akademie für Alte Musik                                                                     CD289

Sonate Corellisante, 6th set: Gothenburg Concert Hall Choir and Symphony Orchestra, Neeme Jarvi                         CD304

Der Messias (Part 1), Telemann Collegium                                                                                                                    CD327

Danish Cantatas,  con Strumenti and Convivium                                                                                                           CD516


Suite in Bb "La Bourse", TWV55:B11, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Jeanne Lamon                                               CD621



Concerto for double string orchestra,  Philharmonia, Goehr                                                                                          CD278

Ritual Dances from The Midsummer Marriage, BBC NOW, David Atherton                                                              CD379



Flute Concerto, Beynon,  BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Maksymiuk                                                               CD194



Three Madrigals; I Fagiolini, Robert Hollingworth (Director)                                                                                       CD240



The Good Humoured Ladies (based on music by Vivaldi), Concert Arts Orchestra, Irving                                          CD602




Choral improvisation sur le "Victimae paschali"  Gillian Weir                                                                                       CD661



Two pieces from Piae Cantiones,  Rilke Ensemble. Gunnar Eriksson                                                                           CD221

Lowlands (Sea shanty), Jonathan Lemalu, Roger Vignoles                                                                                            CD333



Symphony No. 3, BBC PO, Jarvi                                                                                                                                  CD92



La Oracion del Torero, (orch. Stokowski) Stokowski Orchestra                                                                                   CD429



Canon Fever, BBCSO, Andrew Gourlay                                                                                                                       CD626





Sinfonia Comista in C;  Concerto Cologne                                                                                                                     CD258

Symphony in D minor, Concerto Cologne                                                                                                                     CD343


Vaughan Williams

A Sea Symphony, Lott, Summers, London Philharmonic Choir & Orchestra, Cantilena, Haitink                                CD3

A Sea Symphony, Rodgers, Keenlyside,Trinity College of Music Chamber Choir, BBC SO & Chorus, Slatkin         CD360

A London Symphony (1913 version of Symphony No. 2), LSO, Hickox                                                                    CD68

Symphony No. 3 A Pastoral Symphony,  BBCSO Sir Adrian Boult                                                                             CD584

Symphony No. 4,  Philharmonia, Slatkin                                                                                                                       CD252

Symphony No. 5 in D,  BBCSO, Andrew Davis                                                                                                           CD523

Symphony No. 6 in E minor,  BBC Symphony Orchestra,  Andrew Davis                                                                 CD253

Symphony No. 6 in E minor,  BBC Symphony Orchestra,  Boult                                                                                CD622

Symphony No. 9 in E minor, BBCSO, Sir Andrew Davis                                                                                             CD598

Concerto for bass tuba,  Christopher McShane, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchesrtra, Martin Handley                    CD256

Five Variarions on Dives and Lazarus, BBC NOW,  Lesley Hatfield (Leader/director)                                                CD379

Five Variarions on Dives and Lazarus, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, David Lloyd-Jones                                         CD461

Overture The Wasps,  Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra,  Silvestri                                                                          CD207

Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis, B.B.C.S,O., Davis                                                                                           CD7

The Lark Ascending, Loud (violin), BBC Concert Orchestra, Nicholas Kok                                                                CD236

The Lark Ascending, Documentary, Iona Brown (violin), Ursula V.W. N. Marriner                                                    CD604

Scherzo from Household Music, Northern Sinfonia, Richard Hickox                                                                            CD252

The Peoples’ Land,  BBC Philharmonic,  Neeme Jarvi                                                                                                  CD253

Concerto Grosso (for schools’ music): New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Judd                                                       CD287

Dona Nobis Pacem, BBCSO and Chorus, Ralph Vaughan Williams                                                                              CD 614

Songs of Travel,  Christopher Maltman (bar), BBCSO, Thierry Fischer                                                                      CD332

Towards the Unknown Region, Willow Wood, The Voice  out of the Whirlwind, The Sons of Light,

     Williams (bar), Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Chorus and Orchestra, David Lloyd-Jones                                     CD461

Mass in G minor, BBCSO, BBC Singers, Andrew Carwood                                                                                         CD523

On Wenlock Edge,Kennedy, Crawford-Phillips, Royal String Quartet                                                                         CD532

Serenade to Music, BBCSO & Symphony Chorus, Basil Cameron                                                                              CD584




Otello, Acts 1 & 2, Vinay et al, NBC S.O. & Choruses,  Toscanini                                                                              CD556

The best of Verdi, various operatic items                                                                                                                       CD32

Requiem, Schwarzkopf, Ludwig, Gedda, Ghiaurov, Philharmonia Chorus and Orchestra, Giulini                               CD33/4

Requiem, Varady, Zajick, O'Neill, Nesterenko, Bach Choir, BBCSChorus, LPO Choir, BBCSO, Pritchard                CD631


Quattro Pezzi Sacri, Baker, Philharmonia Chorus and Orchestra, Giulini                                                                     CD33/4

Messa Solenne & other Sacred Pieces, soloists, Milano SO & Chorus, Chailly                                                            CD74

Operatic excerpts                                                                                                                                                            CD130/1




Missa Vidi Speciosam,  Regensburg Cathedral Choir, Schrems                                                                                     CD193

Missa pro Defunctis, Tallis Scholars, Phillips                                                                                                               CD326

Ave Maria a 8,  The Sixteen,  Harry Christophers                                                                                                         CD216

Super Flumina Babylonis,  The Sixteen, Harry Christophers                                                                                        CD314



Symphony No. 3 in F# minor, Op. 28,  David Briggs (organ + own improvisation)                                                    CD518



Violin Concerto No. 5 in A minor, Grumiaux, Lamoureux Orchestra                                                                            CD87


Villa Lobos

Nos. 6 and 7 from 12 Etudes for guitar: Julian Bream                                                                                                    CD303

Concerto for guitar and small orchestra                                                                                                                          CD688



The Four Seasons, Marwood, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, McGegan                                                                         CD12

L'estro armonico, Four concertos for wind instruments, Academy St Matin in the Fields, Marriner                           CD96

Concerto in C RV191 for violin: Giuliano Carmignola, Venice Baroque Orchestra, Andrea Marcon                            CD290

Concerto in D minor Op.12 No. 1: Mischa Elman, Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann                  CD290

Concerto in D minor for two violins RV519: David and Igor Oistrakh, Moscow State Phil. Orch. K. Kondrashin     CD290

Concerto in F for 3 violins  RV551, Menuhin, D Oistrakh, I Oistrakh CD56

Concerto in F for three violins, strings and cembalo, 1 Musici                                                                                       CD104

Concerto for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, violin, cello, harpsichord.  Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment                        CD57

Organ Concerti in D minor, C, A, F, C minor, C, F, Soloists and Ensemble Musica ad Rhenum                                  CD81

Concerto for two guitars, P. & C. Romero, San Antonio S. O., V. Alessandro                                                             CD154

Concerto in C RV443, Petri (sopranino recorder), Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Iona Brown                          CD187

Violin Concerto D Op.3 No. 9, Arr. for trumpet, Johnston (vln) Mcleod (cello) Poster (hpschd)                               CD582

Stabat Mater RV621, Scholl, Ensemble 415, Banchini                                                                                                   CD177

Stabat Mater RV621, Margaret Bence (alto), Sturrgart Por Musica Chor. & Orch. Marcel Courand                           CD433

Gloria, Soloists, Swiss Radio Chorus, I Barocchisti, Fasoli                                                                                           CD19



The Great Sopranos: Calla, Popp, Soderstrom



Symphony in D, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Charles Mackerras                                                                               CD346





Symphonic Movement in E,  Philadelphia Orchestra,  Sawalisch                                                                                  CD201

Siegfried’s Rhine Journey (arr. Humperdink), BBC Philharmonic Orchestra,  Mackerras                                            CD203

Traume for violin and orchestra,   Reuter, International Menuhin Music Academy,   Menuhin                                   CD138

Schmerzen, Traume (Wesendonk Lieder),  Varady, Deutsche SO, Fischer Dieskau                                                      CD148

Wotan’s Farewell & Magic Fire Music (Die Valküre): Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell                                           CD289

Siegfried’s Death & Funeral March (Götterdämerung): NBC Symphony Orchestra, Toscanini                                   CD289 

Overture, Rienzi,  Vienna Philharmonic, Solti                                                                                                                CD306

Overture, Flying Dutchman, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Martyn Brabbins                                                                CD330

Parsifal, Act I Prelude, BBC Scottish S.O., Andrew Litton                                                                                           CD628

Eine Faust-Ouveture, Kirschlager, Fouchecourt, Caton, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Yutaka Sado     CD635


Walther J.J.

Sonata No. 1 in D minor                                                                                                                                                 CD345



Symphony No. 1, BBC Ulster Orchestra,  Handley                                                                                                      CD202

Symphony No. 1, BBCSO, Sir Adrian Boult                                                                                                                 CD549

Viola Concerto, BBC NOW, Nobuko Imai, Otaka                                                                                                         CD527

Belshazzar's Feast, White, Leeds Festival Chorus, B.B.C. Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Davis                          CD7

Henry V: A Shakespeare Scenario,  Narrator, Singers, BBCSO, Slatkin                                                                        CD141

Spitfire Prelude and Fugue, BBC Philharmonic, Sinaisky                                                                                              CD233/243

Facade,  Eleanor Bron, Richard Stilgoe, The Nash Ensemble, David Lloyd-Jones                                                        CD248

Highlights;                                                                                                                                                                       CD243

Cello Concerto, Watkins, BBC SSO, Hannikainen                                                                                                         CD588



Missa solemnissima de navitate Domini Nostri Jesu Christi,  Anna Mikolajczyk, Sine Nomine,

   Concerto Polacca, Marek Toporovski (conductor/organ)                                                                                           CD221



Overtures Euryanthe, Oberon, Freischutz, and other items                                                                                           CD159

Symphony No. 1 in C, BBC Philharmonic, Janjo Mena                                                                                                CD611



Passacaglia Op.1,  Dresden Staatskapelle, Giuseppe Sinopoli                                                                                       CD306

Langsamer Satz,  Apollon Musagete 4tet                                                                                                                       CD695



Lamentations Jeremiae Prophetae a 6,   Pro Cantione Antiqua, Edgar Fleet                                                                  CD514

Libera me,  Pro Cantione Antiqua,  Edgar Fleet                                                                                                             CD514



Five Dances and Galliards, Collegium Terpsichore, Neumeyer                                                                                     CD105



Symphony No.5 in F minor, op. 42/1, Daniel Roth, Cavaille-Coll, St. Sulpice, Paris                                                   CD188

Symphony No.5 in F minor, op. 42/1, David Briggs, Cavaille-Coll, St. Sernin, Toulouse                                            CD518

Symphony No.10 “Romane”, op. 73,  Daniel Roth, Cavaille-Coll, St. Sulpice, Paris                                                   CD188



Legende, Op. 17, Oistrakh, Yampolski                                                                                                                          CD 105

Scherzo-tarantelle kn G minor, Op. 16, Jascha Heifetz, Arpad Sandor (piano)                                                            CD 566


Williams, Grace

Ballads for Orchestra,  BBC SO, Bronnimann                                                                                                               CD449




Italian Serenade, Sacconi Quartet                                                                                                                                    CD 596

List of Composers









Bach C. P. E.

Bach J. S.













Bingen, Hildegard von
























Christmas Music




Couperin Francois

Couperin Louis