My back exercises

These exercises suit me: they won't necessarily suit you. Refer to you doctor before trying them

Exercise 1

Lie flat on your stomach on a flat surface, head turned to the right as in the sketch above, side view.

Simultaneously raise your head, chest, arms and legs, as indicated above. Then relax.

Warning: do this carefully, once only, night and morning, until you are sure that you can do it without undue strain.
Over a period of weeks, build up to doing it three times, then turn head to left and another three times, and so on
up to five groups of three. By this time, exercising once daily should be sufficient.

Exercise 2

Lie flat on your back on a flat surface, legs together, arms at your sides (start).  Raise your legs to the vertical,
making an L shape: trying to keep your legs completely straight. Relax back to start. Now rollyour head and shoulders
forward and assume a sitting position. Relax back to start. This strengthens the tummy muscles and various others, all of
which are important for back support. Do these two movements three times over, once you are happy with Exercise 1.

Exercise 3

a) Stand upright with legs slightly apart, hands by your sides.  Slide your right hand down the side of the
leg to the knee, taking care to bend only at the waist: do not move your hips at all. Return to upright, 
left hand down to left knee, return to upright.  Do these two movements five times.

b)  Stand upright with legs slightly apart, hands on hips. Turn your eyes, head, neck, whole body clockwise
without moving your feet, until you are looking to you left. Repeat anticlockwise until
you are looking toward your right.
Repeat both three times.

c)Stand upright with legs slightly apart, hands on hips. Bend backwards from the waist, as far as you can.
Return to upright.  Bend forwards and touch the floor just in front of your toes, return to upright.

Warning  Do not attempt this exercise until you are up to speed with the others.  In the early days,
as I was developing these exercises, I would not have dared to attempt doing this.

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