Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in the USA in 1846 and John F. Kennedy in 1946.  Lincoln was elected
President in 1861, Kennedy in 1961. Both were strong advocates of civil rights. The wives of both lost a son
while living in the White House. Kennedy's secretary was called Lincoln, and Lincoln's, Kennedy. Both presidents
were assassinated on a Friday by being shot through the head by a southerner. Lincoln was assassinated by John
Wilkes Booth, born in 1839 and Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald, born in 1939. Booth disappeared into a theatre and
was captured in a shop. Oswald disappeared later in a shop and was captured in a theatre.  Both were assassinated,
thus escaping justice. The successors of both presidents were called Johnson.  Andrew Johnson, born in 1808,
succeeded Lincoln, Lyndon B. Johnson, born 1908, succeeded Kennedy. 

What do you think the odds are of such a series of coincidences?