My supraspinatus tendonitis exercises

These exercises suit me: they won't necessarily suit you.
Refer to you doctor before trying them

   Exercise 1: Lie on your back on a flat surface, with your arms pointing straight upwards, grasping a stick about 40cm / 15 inches long, as shown at left.  This the START  position.



Lay your arms flat above your head as shown, return to START position.

Lay your arms flat on your body, hands on thighs, return to START.

Repeat all the above five times.

Now swing arms hard right, back to START, hard left, back to START; repeat this five times.



  Exercise 2 (discard the stick)

   From the START position, lay your arms flat out sideways as shown (0 degrees), return to START.

Repeat, but to 15 degrees, then 30 degrees etc. up to 90 degrees.    Repeat the whole exercise in reverse - 90 back to 0 degrees.


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